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  1. barish
  2. fresh
  3. yehe k CY pe notification esy q ata hy "someone liked ur post" name q nhi ata? @Waqas
  4. touba touba me masoom hun me esy kaam nhi krti
  5. PpppPpPppPPPpp
  6. yeah but I think we shouldn't ask them again and again as we know they wont make time for CY mouj kren :p
  7. fishooooooooon .. CY phr se active ho rha hy (thora thora) ya phr mjhy lg rha hy socha ap logun ki hosla afzai kr di jaye ab zyada shokhay ho kr phr se ghaib nhi hona and shy sabah ko kbhi bahir ka chakar lgwa dia kro yahan tk laa k :p welcome home guys @Rainbow @shy @daineee @Waqas
  8. friends make life worth living
  9. کسی بھی روز مجھے دل سزا سنا دے گا میں خواہشوں کا بہت قتلِ عام کرتا ہوں
  10. Your life is nothing more than a love story between you and Allah.. Nothing more.. Every person, every experience, every loss, every gift, every pain is sent to your path for one reason and one reason only: to bring you back to Him
  11. me darr gai :p
  12. yeah .. exactly :)