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  1. :bismillah:

    Ramadan Mubarak 

  2. So true @sho_shweet
  3. Awesome weather and pic @sho_shweet
  4. Nahi kiunke app absent thi @sho_shweet btw welcome back
  5. After reading the (incorrect) facts in topic it was obvious that these are written by some Indian author, then i Googled and found out that it is copy pasted.
  6. Awesome now.
  7. Glad to see you back @junaidrauf You are as old here as i am.
  8. oh welcome back @SLLeepyism
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  10. @sho_shweet wohi khabarnama main suna deen
  11. Good to see you here again. You shouldn't receive any spam messages, I've restrict it for new members. Thank you.
  12. Will send email to all members soon
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