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  1. Thinking k wht shuld i think
  2. Jo agae unka bhala jo nae ae unka b bhala
  3. Lol hosla afzae ka acha tareeka hai ... sabha madam tu kafi busy hogi ... aur b kafi old members hain thy shud come too .. not everyday life is busy ... once in a while doesnt harm anyone
  4. Why does baby wakes up n thn goes bak to sleep n ...then u r wide awake
  5. Eating.com day
  6. Some people say time changes ... i guess its not the time its us people who change with each other ... u know wht i mean
  7. Lol tum thehr jao abi apni amma jaan ko btati hoon
  8. Nothing
  9. Cloudy
  10. Very nice
  11. Without gossips
  12. Will catch up on my sleep
  13. Rock a bye baby on the tree top ...