Hadith Of Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) On Social Events

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[color=blue]Bismillah ar-Rehman-ar-Raheem[/color]

i am going to start narrating the hadith of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) on the social events that covers every field of life and i hope that u people will contribute in it and will do their best to guide me if at any stage i would be mistaken i shall start the topic tommorow insha-Allah Edited by majid

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Welcome in Islamic Section ..

actually yahan already HADEESH ka chapter chal raha hian ..

Can u plz post HAdith's there ?

yahan aik jesey do topic start karna Allow nahi hain ...

so pliz post Hadith's in DArs e HAdes by "LALA"

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[color=gray][font="Times"]The guidance provided by Prophrt Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) regarding human behaviour is the last word in human relationship. It forms the basis of all human progress .i am going to present his sayings in parts each containing the specific topics.
Today the topic on which I am going to introduce some ahadith about anger and accountability.[/color][/font]

[color=red][font="Arial"][font="Geneva"]ANGER (ghusa):[/color][/font][/font]

[color=blue]First hadith is “ Anger spoils the faith as the aloes (a bitter tropical plant type) spoils the honey.”

Second is “the strong man among u is not the good wrestler; the strong man among u is he who controls himself when he is anger.”

Third is “the best among u r those who are slow to anger and swift to cool down and the worst among u r those who r swift to anger and slow to cool down.”

Fourth is “anger comes from the devil and the devil was created from the fire,as fire is extinguished with water; so when one of u becomes angry, he should perform ablution (wazoo).”

Fifth is “if one guards his tongue Allah will conceal his secrets; if one restrain (kaboo pana) his anger Allah will keep His punishment from him on the day of resurrection; and if one makes his excuse to Allah, Allah will accept it.”[/color]

[font="Arial"][color=red]ACCOUNTABILITY (zima daar therna):[/color][/font]

[color=blue]There is only one hadith I have been able to found on that topic it states as”On the day of resurrection the feet of the son of the Adam will not move till he is questioned about five matters: on what he spent his life, in doing what he made his youth pass away, whence he get his property, on what he spent it, and what he did regarding what he knew.”[/color]

[color=gray][font="Times"] I hope that these ahadith would help u in understanding some social events in the light Sunnah. As u see that the anger is the major source that can harm the character of the human being with in split of a second. But here in the light of sunnah we came to know that if any one get anger then he or she should make ablution means agar kisi ko ghusa aa jaee to us ko chahiye ke wazoo ker le take us ka ghusa thanda ho jae. Similarly there are more ahadith jis main bataya hai ke ghusa insane ke iman ko kharab kerta hai aur it is 100% true u see ke insan ko ghusa aata hai tu zahir hai ya tu woh ghusa itna shadeed ho sakta hai ke woh insan kisi dosre ko takleef pohoncha sake ya phir had se zayada ghuse main woh jaan bhi le ssakta hai aur doono suratoon main wooh apne iman ki khilaf warzi kerta hai.

the hadith under the second heading is about the accountability yani zima daar tehrna and it's about the human being. at the day of resurrection when Allah Almighty will ask him that us ne apni zindagi kis cheez ke peeche guzar di means sirf dunya hi ka raha ya Allah ki ibadat bhi ki then Allah will ask ke tum ne apni jawani kin kamoon main lagaee kyun ke insan jawani main hoosh ki bajaee joosh se zyada kaam leta hai is leye insan se jawani ke bare main bhi poocha jaee ga and one more thing i would like to introduce here is that" Allah ko insan ki jawani main ki gaee ibadat itni passand hai ke us ka muqabla us insan ki bhoorape main ki gaee ibadat se nahin hoi sakta." third question Allah will ask ke us ne apna maal ya apna sarmaya kab hasil kya and fifth us sarmayee ko kahan kharach sab kuch jante hoee bhi yanio islam main zakat deni hoti hai ushr muqarar hai tu kya us ne apna sarmaya is kamoon main bhi lagaya hai ya sirf dunyavi kaamooon main hi lootata raha hai. i hope keh yeh sab kuch perhne ke baad aap loog is per ammal bhi kareen ge.

ik mere per ehsan ker diya karain ke yeh sab perh ker balke koi bhi post parhain us ko perhne ke baad us ke author ke liye dua zaroor kiya karain kyun ke hum sab ko ik doosre ki duaoon ki zaroorat hai main aap ka bohot shukar guzar hoon ga

Well that was all for today see u in the next post of tomorrow Insh-a-Allah.

Edited by majid

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well miss ibadat i think that this is totally different topic from that started by mr. Lala bcoz he has mentioned all the hadith on the other hand i am going to mention the hadith of the related topics of social events under headings so that one may not confuse and get the point immediately ok please never mind if u r still not satisfied then i can quit these posts but one thing i would like to say that most of the hadith from where i am reading are new to me and i hope it would also be new to u.

Allah Hafiz

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oh ok...i never mind..

i was telling u ab our Mod "Rukh"

wo aik jesey 2 topic delete kar detii hain

letss see whats her opinion ab ur Topic...

& JAZAKALLAH for ur post !

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well ibadat what do u mean by Mod and who is "Rukh" can i talk to her for the permission to not delete my topic.

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Mod means MODERATOR in other words "incharge"

"RUKH" nick hain .. u can pm her and ask permission ab ur topic...

she is absent now a days..

* wo topic delete nahi kartii ... block kartii hain ( sorry galti se likh dia tha upper )

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[color=red]CHARACTER :[/color]

[color=gray][color=gray]Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) has stressed a lot on the character of an ordinary man. There are many ahadith relating to character which I am going to quote here.[/color]
Holy prophet said :[/color]

[color=blue]1. “Allah has sent me to perfect good qualities of character and to complete good deeds.”

2. “Among the best of u r those of u who have the best character “

3. “The believers whose faith is most perfect are those who have the best characters.”

4. Once Holy Prophet was asked that what was the best a human being was given Holy
Prophet replied “A good character.”

5. “By his good character a believer can attain the degree of one who prays during the night and fasts during the day.”

6. “Those of u who will be dearest to me and nearest to me on the day of judgment will be those with the best characters, and those of u will be most hateful to me and farthest from me will be those with evil characters who speak much, and loud-tongued and talkative.”

7.“Almighty Allah has allotted u ur character just as He has allotted u ur provisions. Almighty Allah gives worldly things to those He loves and to those He not love, but Allah gives religion (faith, iman) only to those He loves, so he who is given religion by Allah, has been loved by Him(Allah). By Him in whose hand is my soul, a man is not a muslim till his heart and tongue are submissive, and he is not a believer till his neighbor is safe from injurious behavior on his part.”[/color]

[color=gray]Now some coment about the ahadith the first four ahadith are very simple to understand as there is given that one who has a good character is the best near Allah Almighty and the faith can only become perfect when he has a good character.

Now come towards the 6th hadith in which Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) has said that who loog qyamat ke din mere karib hooon gay jo loog ache kirdar ke malik hoon gay aur phir farmaya ke kuch logon ko main na-pasand farmaoon ga aur who muh se bohot door hoon gay aur who aese loog hoon gay jin ka kirdar bura ho gay phir mazeed farmaya kea oh loog jo maghroor hoon gay yahan “speak much,and loud-tongued” se murad hai ke proudful people jo gharoor kerte hoon aese logon se Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) nafrat karain gay. So please aaj kal hum dekhain tu pata chalta hai ke loog kitne ghalat raste per chal rahe hain aur kuch loog hain jo maghroor bhi hain aur jin ke kirdar bohot kharab hain bas Allah se dua hai ke hamain Allah acha Character de Amin.

Coming towards the 7th hadith Muhammad (S.A.W) ne farmaya ke Allah ne har insan ka apna apna character hai jo Allah ne us ko bakhsha hai bilkul isi tarah jis tarah har insan ko us ka kaam sonpa hai. Allah apne donoo tarah ke logon ko dunyavi ilm ya dunyavi daulat atta kerte hain one aese loog jin se Allah mohabbat kerte hain aur second aese loog jin se Allah mohabbat nahin kerte.lekin Deen ki samajh Allah sirf unhi logon ko deta hai jin se Woh (Allah) muhabbat kerta hai chunacha jis ko Allah Deen ki samajh deta hai us se Allah Mohabbat kerta hai na ke un logoon se jin ko Dunyavi maal mil jata hai aur Deen ki taraf se who loog jahil hote hain. Phir Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) ne farmaya ke qasam hai us zaat ki jis ke hathoon main mere jan hai koi bhi insane us waqt tak muslim nahin hai jab tak ke us ke haath aur zaban perheezgar naa hoon means jab tak us ke who insan haath aur zaban se mutaqi na ho jae.[/color]

[color=red]FEAR OF ALLAH (KHASHIYAT-E-ILLAHI):[/color]

[color=blue]1.“If through fear of Allah, tears----- even to the extent of a fly’s head ----- falls from the believer’s eyes and drops on some part of his cheek, he will be kept away from the Hell by Allah.”

2.“I swear by Allah that I do not know , though I am Allah’s Messenger, what He (Allah) will do with me or with you.”

[color=gray]Now as in the above ahadith we see that Allah ne kaha hai ke aese insan jo ke mere khoof se ik ansoo bhi girata hai chahe who ansoo makhi ke sar ke barabar bhi ho tu main qayamat wale din us insan per dosakh (hell) haram ker doon ga . lekin aaj kal agar dekha jaee tu muslims Allah ki bajaee non muslims se zayada darte hain WHY? Just becoz muslims ke diloon main se Allah ka khooof khatam ho gaya hai aur who dunya ke ho ker reh gaeee hian. Hamain chahiye ke Allah ke liye kaam karain aur job hi kaam kareen who Allah ke liye karain aur us ka khoof dil main rakheen. Allah hamare diloon main aona khoof peda kare (Amin)

Main phir kehta hoon ke hamain ik doosrooon ki duaoon ki zaroorat hai agar aap loog ik doosroon ke liye dua kareen gay tu Allah aap ki dua zayada qabool kare ga. I have read some where that

“ jo insan dosroon ke liye sache dil se dua kerta hai to ik farishta us ke pass atta hai aur who us insan ke liya dua kerta hai jo doosroon ke liye dua kerta hai.”

So please always thnk first for others while asking any Dua then ask for ur selfm for it is a good thing.

I think my message is clear to all of u people May Allah made us to stand near Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) on the day of judgment. (AMIN).

My prayers and good wishes to all

Allah Hafiz [/color] Edited by majid

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[b]if u believe this topic is different from the previous one then do let me know.[/b]

No. Your topic will not be deleted but instead it will be merged into the existing topic of Dars-e-Hadith, if you think its the same.

waiting for your reply


P.S. Keep up the good work, Jazakullah

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Administrator :

"DARs e Hadees" is ab Ahadees

and this topic is also Ab Ahades but he is going to mention the hadith of the related topics of social events..

hmm mera opionion tu reserve hain... Majid thinks its a different topic from that one...

* JAZAKALLAH is d right spelling : smile : hop u dont mind

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well what i can say about that i have said what i want to say. now it's up to u. if according to ur principles it is not right then u can do what ever u want. ok see u

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[color=gray]Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) said that:[/color]

1. “A man slips more by his tongue than by his foot.”

2. “He who keeps silence will be safe.”

3. “Control your tongue, keep to your house, and weep your sin.”

4. “Modesty and inability to speak are two branches of faith, but obscenity (indecency) and eloquence (skilful use of language) are two branches of hypocrisy.”

5. “The one who will have the worst position in Allah’s estimation on the day of resurrection will be the one whom people left alone for the fear of his ribaldry (indecent talk).”

6. “Do you know the things which most commonly bring people into paradise? It’s the fear of Allah Almighty and the good character. Do you know what most commonly brings people into hell? It is the two hollow things: the mouth and the private parts.”

7. “On the day of judgment Allah will not accept repentance or ransom from him who learns excellence of speech to captivate thereby hearts of men, or of people.”

8. “Woe to him! Who tell things, speaking falsely, to make people laugh thereby! Woe to him! Woe to him! Woe to him!”

9. "May those who speak extravagantly perish (be destroyed).”[/color]

[color=gray]From all the above ahadith we came to know that Allah ko wohi admi pasand hai jo ke khamooshi ko ikhtiyar kerta hai aur Allah ne us admi ko sab se zayada na pasand farmaya hai jo ke zayada bola hai. The firat hadith is the best hadith in this regard is main Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) farmate hain ke insan apni apni zaban se zayada slip hota hai ba nisbat apne paoon ke. Yani insan ki zaban ik aese cheez hai jo kabhi bhi kisi waqt bhi us ke ikhtiar se bahar ho sakti hai. I have my personal experience while chatting in cool yar chat room I just slipped my tongue there aur mujh se koi aesi baat ho gaee jo ke muhe achi nahin lagi and then I repent over ir and make apology to the victim agar who is article ko parhain tu I am again very sorry , tu main kehna chah raha tha ke insan na chahte hoee bhi kuch aesa keh jata hai jo baad main us ke liya baes-e-nadamat sabit hota hai. Well in the 5th hadith it is stated that who insan qayamat wale din sab se bure jagah per ho ga jis ki buri zaban se loog bacheen aur jis ko dekh ker loog apne aap ko mehfooz ker lain.aur zaban hi ik aesi cheez hai oinsan ko ya tu bohot izat dar bana deti hai ya phir us ko bohot ghatiya bana deti hai.

In the 6th hadith Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) ne doo doo cheezoon ka zikar kiya hai jis ki wajah se insan janat main ya dosakh main jaee ga. Jin doo cheezoon ki wajah se insan janat main jaee ga who hain acha character aur doosra Allah ka khoof. Aur jin doo cheezoon ki wajah se insan dosakh main jaee ga who hain us ki zaban aur privae parts of the body. Agar hum dekhain tu hamain pata chale ga ke insan apni zaban ko agar ache kaamoon ke liya istimaal kare tu bohot hi great ban sakta hai and if other wise apni zaban ko bure tarah se istimal kerta hai tu phir who sab se ghatia insan hai.

Isi tarah Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) ne farmaya hai ke Allah qayamat wale din us insan ki nadamat ya sharmindige (repentance) kabool nahin kare ga jo ke apni meethe zaban se doosroon ke dil jeet lee. Ya phir jo meethe zaban bool ker doosroon se apna kaam nikalwa le or in other words (flattering ). Aur akhri hadith main yeh likha hai ke afsoos hai us insan per jo ke mehez jhoot bool ker logoon ko hansata hai phir akhir main kaha afsoos sad afsoos sad afsoos three times kehne se murad hai ke yeh bohot buri adapt hai ke aap kisi ik insan ko jhoot bool ker hansaeen actually I think ye is liye kaha gaya hai ke yeh bohot buri baat hai aur who insan bohot bura hai jo aesa kaam kerta hai.

Agar over all society main deekha jaee to hum ye jaan sakte hain ke aaj kal loog apni zaban ka bohot bure jaghoon per istimal ker rahe hain koi apna kaam nikalwane ke liya koi kisi ko flirt kerne ke liye koi kisi ki jhoti tareefain kerne ke liya lekin bohot kam loog apni zaban achi jaghoon per istimal ker rahe hai yani Allah ka zikr ker ke. Yahan mujhe ik danishwar ka qaul yaad aya hai jis main us ne kaha hai ke “Allah ne hamain do kaan aur ik zaban is liye atta ki hain ke hum kam boolain aur zayada sunain.”

My prayers and wishes with u and all of the muslim community.


ALLAH HAFIZ[/color] Edited by majid

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jazakallah, i think dis topic is different from darse hadis n iss ko emerge na kia jayee tau behter hey baqi its upto u asim

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[color=gray]Hazrat Muhammad said :[/color]

[color=blue]“O, people Allah says invite to all that si good enjoins what is right and forbid what is wrong, least your prayers will not be accepted you asked or you will make supplication and it would not be replied, you want to have assistance against your enemy and it would not be helped.”

“if acts of disobedience are done among my people and they do not change them, though they are able to do so. Allah will soon punish them all.”

“The example of a person who does not cross the thresh hold of Allah and who does cross it like a tribe who are on the ship some people are on the dock yard and some are on the base, When people on the base needed water they went on dockyard and drank water there if they would think to make a whole in a base in order to avoid the trouble of people on the dockyard. In this case if the people on the dockyard would not forbid them, all would drown and if they would forbid them all would be escaped.”[/color]

[color=gray] Enjoining what is reputable and forbid what is wrong is the great pillar of islam. In Holy Quran Allah has said in surah Al Imran verse 110.

“ You are the best people evolved for man kind enjoining them what is right and forbidding them what is wrong and believing in Allah if only the people of book had faith. It were best for them. Among them are some who have faith but most of them are perverted transgressors (bhatke hoe).”

In this verse muslim ummat ki doo cheezain sab se best consider ki hain

1. Command of virtue. ( neeki ki targheeb dena)
2. Prohibition of evil or bad. (burai se rookna)

In the last hadith Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) ne ik bohot hi ummda missal de hai jis main kaha hai ke. Ik insan jo ke Allah ki hadood ko cross kerta hai aur ik aesa insan jo aesa nahin kerta blkul us kashti ki missal hai jis main 2 kabile sawar hain kuch loog to kashti ke opper wale hise main hain aur kuch loog kashti ke neeche wale hise main hain. Ab kashti ke neechle hese wale bandoon ko piyas lagti hai aur who opper ja ker pani pite hain aur piyas bhujate hain ab agar who loog (kashti ke neechle hise wale) yeh soochte ke hum kashti main soorakh ker lain tu pani hamain yahin se mil jaee gat u is muqa per agar kashti ke opper wale bande un kashti ke neeche wale bandoon ko aesa kerne se na rookeen tu sab ke sab doob jaeen ge lekin agar who un logon ko aesa kerne se rook lain to sab ke sab bach sakte hain. Yeh missal boot hi achi hai is main kashti ke opper wale logon ko aap agar neek loog ya pious consider kareen aur kashti ke neechle hise wale logon ko aap who loog consider kareen jo neek nahin hain ti phir yeh baat wazeh hoti hai ke agar neek loog kisi doosre ko neeki ka hukam na dain to phir who neek loog bhi un main shamil ho jate hain aur Allah un neek logon ko bhi saza deta hai. Lakin agar neek loog baqi logon ko neei ki targheeb dain aur burai se rookain tu Allah un donoon per rehmat farmate hain (jo neeki ki targheeb deta hai aur jis ko targheeb de jati hai).

Agar hum aaj kal ke age main is hadiht se mutaliq dekahin tu muamla bilkul hi different hai yani loog doosroon ko neeki ki bajaee burai ki zayada targheeb ker rahe hain. Means aaj kal jis ke ghar main cable nahin hai woh tu loog us ko kehte hain ke kyat um bhi advance nahin ho cable tu lagawa loo isis tarah kahin riswat de ja rahe hai aur kaheen rishwat li ja rahee hai. And the major incident which is the worst in the whole life of islam is that “government ab madaris main se islam ki targheeb kerne waloon ko khatam ker rahe hai” it is the worst thing which is going to be done by this government.

So after all discussion hum logoon ko is baat ka khas khayal rekhna chahiye ke kahin bhi burai ho rahe hoo to us ko rookne ki poori koshish kareen kyun ke is agar aap chup rahe us burae ke khilaf tu akhrat main tum bhi unhi logon main shamil ho jaoo gay.

Aur haan yeh hadith perh ker in per amal bhi kerne ki koshish kiya karain kyun ki I have read that jis insan ko yeh islam ki kisi baat ka pata chal jata hai aur ohir who us se baaz nahin atta tu yeh bikul is tarah hai ke jese us ne Allah se (nauzu billah) mazak kiya hai. Aur ik aur cheez main ad kerna chahoon ga ke agar aap kisi cheez se tooba ker lain means kisi gunnah se tu koshish kiya karain ke us ko doobara baar baar na karain kyun key eh bhi Allah se (nauzu billah) mazak ke mutradif hai so please please please apne aap ko akhrat ke liya tayar karain na ke dunya main rehne ke liya.

Aur sab se barh ker agar hum Amar bil maruf-o-nahi anil munkir per amal nahin karain gay tu Allah hamari koi bi namaz Qabool nahin kareen gay.
Is ke ilawa hum Allah se mangain gain aur Allah hamain koi jawab nahin dain gay ya Allah nahin sunain gay and the last thing ke hum Allah se apne dushmanoon ke khilaf Madad mangain gay aur Allah madad nahin Karen gay.

So agar koi chahta hai ke us ki namazain kabool hoon aur us ki dua bhi suni jae aur Allah us ki us ke dushmanooon ke khilaf madad bhi Karen tu phir aaj se yeh ehed Karen ke aap logoon ko ache kamoon ki targheeb dain aur bure batooon se rookain.

Allah hum sab ko is neek kaam kerne aur us ki targheeb dene aur bure kaamoon se bachne aur us se rookne ki taufeeq de (Amin)

Aap ki duaoon ka muntazir.[/color] Edited by majid

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aoa majid aj aap ney post kyun nahi ki balkeh aj kahin per bhi new information nahi hey :( but n e wayzz waiting 4 ur next post

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Today I ma going to narrate the hadith about repentance and forgiveness

[color=red]REPENTANCE AND FORGIVENESS ( Tooba Kerna Aur Allah Ka Bakhshana):[/color]

[color=gray]Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) said that:[/color]

[color=blue]“Allah is more pleased with the repentance of his believing servant than the person who loses his riding beastcarrying food and drink. He sleeps and then gets up and goes in search of that, until he is striken with thirst then comes back to that place where he have been before and goes to sleep completely exhaustedplacing his head upon his hands waiting for death and when he ges up, lo! There is before him his riding beast and his provisions of food and drink. Allah is more pleased with the repentance of His servant than that man with the recovery of his riding beast along with the provisions.”

“when Allah created the He put down His book, which is with Him upon the Throne: verily , My mercy predominates My wrath.”

“Allah made mercy in 100 parts and He retained with Him the 99 parts and He has sent down on earth one part and it is due to that one part that there is mutual love among the creation so much that animal lifts up there hoof from its young one, fearing that it might hurt it.”[/color]

[color=gray]Opper di gaee Ahadith main yeh baat waziah hai ke Allah apne us bande se bohot khush hota hai jo tooba kera hai aur Allah us ko isi khushi min nmaaf bhi farma deta hai. Yahan ik waqia pesh kerna chahooon ga jo ke Allah ki khushi ko zahir kerta hai.

Ik dafa ik insane ne 99 qatal kiye aur phir us ko khayal aya ke us ne bure kaam kiya hain aur who ik maulvi ke pass chala gaya aur us ne poocha ke main ne 99 qatal kiye hain aura b main tooba kerna chahta oon tu maulvi ne kaha key eh tu mushkil hai tum ne 99 qatal kiya hain aura b tooba kerna chahte hoo yeh na mumkin hai tu us insane ne us maulvi ko bhi qatal ker diya aur yuun 100 qatal ker diye ab who ik bohot bare scholar ke pass gaya aur us se yehe kaha ke main ne 100 qatal kiya hain tu tumhare pass koi rasta hai ke main Allah ke azab se bach jaoon tu us scholar ne kaha ke yahan zameen per ik aese jagah hai jahan loog bohot ibadat kerte hain aur Allah ko yaad kerte hain bas tum wahan jaoo aur tooba ker loo aur doobara apni purani jagah per na jana jahan tum ne gunnah kiye the tu who insane us sar zameen ki taraf chal para abhi who adhe raste mainbhi nahin tha ke us ka intiqal ho gaya aur phir ik neeki ka arishta aya aur ik badi ka farishta neeki ka farishta kehne kaga ke is ko main le ker jaoon ga aur badi ka farishta kehne laga ke is ne 100 qatal kiye hain aur is kea in le ker jaon ga abhi yeh behes jari thi ke Allah ki taraf se ik farishta insani shakal main aya aur kaha ke is insane ka jahan yeh para hai us jagah se us zameen tak ka fasla napoo jahan yeh jar aha tha ( yani pak bandoon ki zameen) aur phir us zameen ka fasla napoo jahan yeh gunnah ker ke aya hai. Aur saath hi Allah ne Zameen (jahan banda jaa raha tha yani neekoon ki zameen or land of piety) ko hukam diya ke tu thora barh ja. Tu farishtoon ne jab zameen napi tu who insan neeki wali zameen ke zayada kareeb tha chunacha neeki wala farishta us ko le gaya. Tu is waqia se hamain pata chala ke Allah insane ki tooba kerne se balke tooba ke irade se hi itna khush hota hai ke who us ko maaf ker deta hai.

Allah hum sab ko Tooba kern aur bure kaamoon se bachne ki taufeeeq de Amin.

Allah Hafiz[/color]

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maha actually i am going to take classes of one of the course subject which i have to read in my comming semester that is why i have become very much busy now i am extremmely sorry to say that my posts duration will become once in a week or even once in a month. so just have patience.
take care and

Allah Hafiz

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hmmmmm ek waqt woh hota tha jab daily main itney interset se login hoti thi n yeah ISLAM section nai nai information se full hota tha nn ab yeah topic month main ek dafa....... :weep:
n ibadat aap ko kia hoa aap ney bilkul post karna chora hoa hey main tau aap per rashq karti thi keh daily mashallah itni information aap post karti theen likin lagta hey nazer lag gayee hey aap ko :( waiting 4 ur post

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Ibadat> thanx for correcting my spellings.. no i dont mind..

majid> i think i will let this topic continue... but try to stay on the topic and update it frequently and yes one thing more... if u have a hadith that does not fit this topic then u can post it in LALA's topic... hope u understand ... if u have questions, let me know

JazakAllah (thanx Ibadat for correcting :) )

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[color=gray]well maha no problem don't disheart if u think ke aap itne shooq se login hoti then tu theek hai main ainda koshish karta hoon ke approximatly rozana post kroon ok don't become upset it will be allright i will try my best to take out some time for this work actually main aap logoon ko ashi bataoon mujhe ik post ke liye approximately 2 to 3 hours require hote hain kyun ke main is ke liye books consult karta hoon and then i type it on MS WORD and then i just copy paste it on the forum so it all took much time but is ka mujhe sab se bara advantage hoa hai woh yeh hai ke mujhe islam ke bare main kafi maloomat mili hain jo shayad mere pass pehle nahin theen aur muhe pata hai ke main ne falan post main falan chezain likheen hain and i must suggest to other people who post here that try to avoid the copy paste from the source rather do home work what u want to deliver for it provides u innner satisfaction and the reader also get some new idea from ur post. dekhain hum sab ki sooch different hai is liye jo post kisi ne deliver kerni ho tu us ko chahiye ke woh thora sa us topic per home work kar aur then us ko deliver kare. [/color]

Allah hafiz[/color]

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[color=red]EVIL PROMPTINGS (bure khayalat ana):[/color]

[color=gray]Our Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) said that :[/color]

[color=blue]1.“The devil flows in a man like his blood.”

2.“The devil draws near to man and so does the angel. The devil’s approach consists of promise of what is evil, and the denial of what is true, whereas the angel’s approach consists of promise of what is good and confirmation of what is true. When any one experiences the latter, let him know that it comes from Allah and let him praise Allah; but if he experiences the other, let him seek refuge in Allah from the accursed of devil.”

3.“Allah forgives my people the evil promptings which arise within so long as they do not act upon them or speak about them.”[/color][u]

[color=red]Today’s vision regarding theabove said Ahadith:[/color][/u]

[color=gray]So according to my observation, har insan ke zehen main kuch na kuch burai zaroor hoti hai and it is not bcoz who bura hai but it is bcoz who insan hai aur Allah ne insan ko peeda hi is liye kiya hai ke who ache aur bure main faraq jaan ker bhi achaee ki taraf jaee, warna Allah ki ibadat ke liye to farishte hi kafi the isi liye insan ko ashraf-ul-makhluqat kaha gaya hai ke who samajh boojh rakhte hain. So insan ke zehan main bure khayalat ana ik fitrati amal hai haan un bure khayalat ko amali jama pehnana yeh alibata insan ke ikhtiar main hai aur Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W)ne bhi khud kaha hai ke Allah insan ko us waqt tak saza nahin dain gay jab tak ke woh us gunnah per amal nahin ker leta jis ka us ke zehen main khayal aya hai. Chunacha hamain matlab bure khayalat ke ane se nahin hai balke un per amal kerne se hai is liye ke khayalat ka ana kisi ke bas main nahin hai na aap ken a mere lekin us per amal kerna hamare bas main hai is liye koshish kerni chahiye ke apne khayal ko amli jama pehnane se pehle sooch lain ke aya yeh kaam jo main kerne ja raha hoon woh durust hai ya ghalat aur jab insan ko confirm ho jaee ke haan yeh kaam jo main kerne jaa raha hoon woh sahi hai tu phir woh us per amal kare other wise leave it.[/color]

[color=red]ALLAH’S PROTECTION (Allah ki hifz-o-aman):[/color]

[color=gray]Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) said that:[/color]

[color=blue]”There are seven whom Allah will cover His shade on the day when there will be no shade but His:

a.a just imam.

b.A young man who grows up worshipping Allah.

c.A man whose heart is attached to the mosque from the time he leaves it till he r
returns to it.

d.Two men who love one another for Allah’s sake, meeting thus and separating thus.

e.A man who remembers Allah in solitude, his eyes pouring forth tears.

f.A man who when accosted by a woman of rank and beauty says, ‘I fear Allah’

g.A man who gives alms concealing it so that his left hand does not know what his right hand bestows.”[/color]

[color=red][u]Explanation to above stated hadith:[/u][/color]

[color=gray]In the above Allah has stated seven kind of persons who will be nearer to Allah in such a way that Allah will cover them means Allah un per apni chaoon nichwar kareen gay jab ke koi saya nahin ho ga ab woh seven people kis kisam ke hoon gay
1.imam jo ke sacha aur mukhlis ho jo Allah ki inadat is tarah se kare ke us main ksii kisam ki milawat na ho means khalis Allah ki ibadat kare aur dil ka neek aur pak saaf ho.

2.jawan admi jo ke Allah ki ibadat main apni jawani guzar de ar ik aur baat yahan add kerna chahoon ga who yeh ke Allah ko insan ki jawani ki ibadat jitni pasand hai utni us ke burhape ki nahin. Kyun ke insan apni jawani main bohot energetic hota hai aur us ko apne career ki fikar hoti hai yani woh boot masroof hota hai tu agar is masrufia main woh insan Allah ko yaad kare tu Allah us ke is kaam se bohot zayada khosh hote hain. Is liye is hadith main bhi yehi kaha hai ke Allah us per apni rehmat kare ga jo insan Allah ko apni jawani main yaad kerta rahe ga.

3.aesa admi jo ke masjid main jae aur Allah ki ibadat kare aur phir jab who masjid se bahir nikle tu phir bhi us ko masjid ki taraf jane ka shook ho us ka dil tarpe masjid main jane ke liye ik jagah irshad-e-bari talla hai “sache momin ka dil masjid se bahar aese tarapta hai jese machli ko pani se nikal daeen to woh tarapti hai.” Lekin aaj kal deekh lain tu afsoos hota hai ke loog cenima ke bahar 1000 ki tadaad main hote hain lekin masjid main sirf muthi bhar hote hain.mujhe samajh nahin ati ke insan ko itna bewaquf kyun hai ab aap khud hi dekh lain ke insan paise de ker gunnah kamata hai means cinema main ja ker ya theatre main ja ker lekin jahan muft ka sawab bat raha hai wahan koi nahin jata means masjidoon main dars sunane, mehfil-e-milad main, so yeh halat ho gaee hai hamari ab kon insan ko parha liha keh sakta hai specially aaj kal ke muslims ko. Afsoos sad afsoos hai is zamane per ke jo itni si baat ko nahin samajh paya.

4.aese do shakhs jo ik dosre se muhabbat karain sirf Allah ke liye yani un donoon ke diloon main dunyavi lalach na ho balke who ik dosre se Allah ki khushnoodi ke liye hi muhabbat kareen. Aur jab who ik dosre se juda hoon aur milain tu Allah ke liye aur juda hoon tu Allah ke liye waise mujhe is 4th number wali baat ka sahe mafhoom samajh nahin aya if any body knows better than me then do tell me.

5.Allah us shakhs ko apni aman main rakheen gay jo ke Allah ko tanhaee main yaad kare aur Allah ke liye ya Allah ke khoof se Ansoo bahaee. Raat ko bister per leet ker aap jab sone ja rahe hoon tu bas ik lamhe ke liye aap yeh soocha kareen ke yeh jo aap ko sahi salamat peeda kiya hai yeh kis ki qudrat hai aur aap us ka jis ne aap ko peeda kiya hai shukar ada kerte hain aur phir aap yeh soochain ke Allah ne kabhi aap se apna ehsan jitaya nahin na is liye ke who rehman hai raheem hai yeh us ki sift main nahin hai lekin aap ko tu apna farz poora kerna chahiye kya aap loog Allah ka shkar us tarah kerte hain jis tarah kerna chahiye nahin? Kyun nahin, jab Allah ne aap logoon ko itna kuch diya hai tu aap Allah ko sirf apni tawajoh nahin de sakte kuch lamhey ke liye. Aur aap apne din bhar ke chote chote gunnahoon ko zehan main la ker tooba karain aur phir soochain ke aap marne ke baad kahan jaeeen gay dosakh main ya janat main aur kya aap apne ammal se qabar ke azab se mehfooz hoon gay ya nahin tu khud ba khud aap ke ankhoon se ansoo nikal aeen gay aur yeh ansoo bohot qeemti hote hain jo Allah ke liye niklain. Yehe ansoo qayamat ke din hamari bakhshish ka bais ban sakte hain.

6.us admi ko Allah apni aman main rakhe ga jis ko kisi rah chalti khubsorat aurat mukhatib kare aur who yeh kahe ke “main Allah se darta hoon.” Yani insan apne nafs per kaboo rakhe aur Allah se darta rahe.

7.satwaan who admi hai jo ke kisi faker ko bheek de aur is tarah de ke us ke ulte hath ko pata na chale ke us ke seedhe hath ne kitne paise diye hain yani ke admi is tarah bheek de ke kisi dosre shaks ko pata na chale ke us ne kitni bheek de hai kyun key eh bhi taqabur ke sense main aa jata hai.

So that was all about the ahadith of today’s topic. As I have said earlier that I am not much sure about the 4th point so if any body knows better about that then do reply.

Allah Hafiz[/color] Edited by majid

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Today the topic of hadith is [/color]

[color=red]CLOTHING (kis tarah ke kapre pehenne chahiyeen):[/color]

[color=gray]Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said that:[/color]

[color=blue]1.”Listen! Listen! Wearing old cloth is a part of faith. Wearing old cloth is a part of faith.”

2.”He who wear grand clothes in this world will be made by Allah to wear humble cloth on the day of judgment.”

3.”if you want adornment and silk of paradise, do not wear them in this world.”

4.”He who gives up wearing beautiful clothes when he is able to do so (out of humility, as is stated in a version) will be clothed by Allah with the robe of honor.”

5.”Eat what you like and wear what you like as along as two things miss you: prodigality and pride.”

6.Ayesha told that when Asma’ daughter of Abu Bakr came tovisit Allah’s messenger wearing thin clothes he [Muhammad (S.A.W)] turned away from her and said,”when a women is old enough to menstruate, Asma’,it is not right that any part of her should be seen but this and this,” pointing to his face and hands.”[/color]

[color=red][u]Today’s vision regarding this hadith:[/u][/color]
[color=gray]Well today’s topic is very important from Islamic point of view as it is regarding to the clothing. Allah’s messenger has mentioned many ahadith about this topic as stated above so I will start from the
first hadith that is ke purane kapre pehen na eman ka hisa hai but afsoos ke sath kehna parta hai ke aaj kal loog purane kapre pehen ne ko bura samajhte hain.

Secondly, jo admi dunya main khule kapre pehne ga Allah qayamat wale din us ko ache kapree naseeb karain gay. But what is going on today u see loog itne tight kapree pehen rahe hain ke lagta hai ke unhoon ne silwa ker nahin balke pehen ke silwaee hoon aur khas toor per larkioon ko dekh lain aese kapre pehn rahe hain ke un ko dekh ker doosroon ko sharam aa jati hai lekin un ko khud sharam nahin atti hai.

Thirdly, Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) ne farmaya hai ke aga rkoi insan chahta hai ke us ko janat ki silk mile to woh is dunya main silk ka istimal na kare. But yahan aaj kal ulta system hai jis cheez se mana kiya gaya hai usi cheez ko bar bar repeat kiya jata hai.

Fourthly, yeh kaha gaya hai ke insan ko chahiye ke woh jo chahe khaee aur jo chahe pehne jab tak ke us main se do cheezain khatam na ho jaeen: 1. takabur. 2. fazool kharchi.

Fifthly, that hadith is very much important for the today’s girl because they are totally forbidding this hadith through their clothing. In this hadith Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) ne kaha hai ke jab larki jawan ho jaee tu us ko is tarah ke kapre pehen ne chahiyain ke sirf us ka chehra aur hath nazar aeen but afsoos ke aaj kal kya ho raha hai. I can’t comment more on it because u people know better what is going on today regarding last hadith.

Allah Hafiz

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Asalam-o-Alaikum viewers

actually i am extremely sorry that i could not post the hadith today because i have got a basketball tournament in my colony that tournament is officially declared and my team is going to take her first match today at sharp 6:30 pm.. so my request to all of you is that kindly offer some supplications (duaeen) to my team and pray for us so that we may win the tournament. it would be an honour for us to win this tournament as it is held offocialy. so please please please do pray for us.

aur haan kanjooooooooos viewers aap ne mere signature nahin parhe us per kuch likha hai tu banda kuch amal hi ker leta hai. :banghead:

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