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  2. aamir354pk

    Cy News

    ok sister today i logged in after7 years on this website.i was reading my old posts .i am laughing on my sillyness.are u still active member?
  3. Earlier
  4. Dcent -A-

    Write A Shair Daily

    Wo Sath Tha Hamare, Ya Ham Pass They Us Key Wo Zindagi Ke Kuch Din, Ya Zindagi Thi Kuch Din۔
  5. Rainbow

    Daily Random Shots

    Very lovely especially tht bridge ... quite few of them on our side
  6. Daaim abad rhy gi duniya .. Hum na hun gy koi hum sa ho ga ..!! 

    Allah Hafiz CY 🙂

  7. sho_shweet

    A S T U G H F I R U L L A H

  8. sho_shweet

    Daily Random Shots

    Your city @Rainbow Somewhere at uni
  9. Salam...

    How are you?

    If you around n alive...text me ...rest wud talk there...

  10. Hello I'm Back 😎

    1. sho_shweet


      Welcome back .. Apna he ghr smjhen :v

  11. Asslam o Alikum all friends,

    Kaise hain app sub? Rozay kaise ja rahe hain aur life kaisi guzar rahi hay?


    1. Waqas


      Wasalam, Ramadan is going good MA and life is so busy now. how are you?

  12. Emaad

    Admin Plz Kuch Kren,,,

  13. Emaad

    Daily Random Shots

    Birth Place of Dr. Allama Muhmmad Iqbal at Sialkot Date of Birth: Friday 09 Nov 1977 Died: Thu 21 Apr 1938 Click on 02 May 2019
  14. Ramadan Mubarak!

    1. shahabi


      Khair Mubarak Emaad

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