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    Waqas bro Rainbow Sabah Shy rukh Maleeha Maano Cancerian bro Sobe bro daineee amaan Salmanz chotoooo oar ye mae masoom c bachi,,, in sb sy naraz NOTE: jis ko bura laga wo plz mjhy na batey shukriya
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    Assalamu alikum all of you Very happy eid mubarak ...so guys when ever u got time in these eid holidays..just sign in on Cy n post here ..what r u doing in this Eid ..or u can say jst share ur memorable moment on this eid..or wat ever u want to say ...bala bala so kia khaya .kia pehna ..or yes bakra tha ya gaye ya dunba ya OOnt..kis ki qurbani ki... mainy abhi tak sirf apny dunbay9sheep) ki kalyji bhoon ker khaaye hai...or lunch abhi tak nahi kia lunch main hum nay kaali mirchoon(blackpaper) wala gosht banaaya hay or mehman wagera koi nahi aya ..na humain kissi nay bulaaya : P cell per sirf 4sms eid k ayee*sad* khair ... or haan after seeing all cows and goats n sheeps my 3 years old son confess now that he is a Goat *bang head* now urs turn ...
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    Dedicated to all CY members,,, especially,,, to my friendz,,, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrbEBo8PWFE
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    Well mr omar u cudnt provide aby answer there in sunni topic yeh khula hua hai apnay akeeday ko tu defend kr lo agar udhar reply na kr skay thay aap
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    I'm that girl that holds a smile on her face, even when things are a mess and her faith falls out of place, I'm that girl who believes in taking chances for what I want, instead of pretending to be happy as someone I'm not . I'm that girl who's not afraid to let her emotions show, and learns to go on as her feelings start to grow, I'm that girl who would never give up on the love of her life, because there are two paths she can make the wrong or the right, I'm that girl who would travel a million miles away, just to find the love that shes been waiting for everyday. I'm that girl who dosen't care about what other people think of my style, the one that savors every moment even if its only for a little while, I'm that girl that can never keep a secret, I'm shy but that dosen't mean I can ever keep it, I'm that girl who doesn't believe because she's sad if she lets go and then her love would leave. I'm that girl that people call weird, random, and dramatic, but theres more to me if you'll listen behind all the noise and static, I'm that girl that can cry and laugh all at the same time, the one that's innocent looking but can commit a heartbroken crime, I'm that girl that trys hard to push herself through, the one that dosen't care if she'll ever fit in tobe kool. I'm that girl you can call unperfect, my hairs always a mess, I'm under alot of pessure and all the stress, I'm really not so diffrent as the rest, if it were up to me I'll say I come in second best. I'm that girl who loves to laugh, the one that can joke around till things get out of control, the one who envy's those blond girls and there perfect lives, meanwhile I'm stuck on this wild ride. I'm that girl that loves to dream, but this reality is not what it seems, a fairytale ending waiting to come true, another risk worth taking what does she have to lose? I'm that girl who can never prove what she can really do, because she gives up to easily but none really knew, instead shes judged by others that are strangers to her eyes, bottled up with any goodbyes and silent cries for help, but nones there so she has to rely on herself... I'm that girl, and that is my world...
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    Larkiaan Bewafa Nahi Hoti Wo to majborioun main lipti hain Apney shiddat bharey khyaloon main Apney ander chhupi ek aurat main Wo hamesha hi darti rehti hain Na to jeeti hain na to marti hain Larkiyaan bewafaa nahi hoti Per Hamesha hi darti rehti hain Apne Reeti or Rawajoun se Anay waley naye Azaboon se Zardruth main khiley gulabon se Pyaar kerti hain or chupati hain Larkiyaan Bewafaa nahi hoti Kyuon ki majborioun main lepti hain Or her lamha darti rehti hain Apney pyaar se apney saye se Apney rishtoun se dil ki dhadkan se Apni khawhish se apni kushioun se Ladkiyaan Bewafaa nahi hoti !!!
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    Udaas Logon ki Bastion mein. Wo Titlion ko Talash Kerti.. Wo Aik Larki.. ...Wo Gol Chehra Wo Kali Aankhain.. Jo Kerti Rehti Hazaar Baatain.. Mizaj Saada Wo Dil Ki Achi.. Wo Aik larki.. Wo Mohabbaton K Nisaab Janay.. Wo Janti Hai Ehad Nibhanay.. Wo Achi Dost Wo Achi Saathi.. Wo Aik Larki.. Wo Jhootay Logon Ko Sacha Samjhay.. Wo Saari Duniya ko Acha Samjhay.. Wo Kitni Saada Wo Kitni Pagli.. Wo Aik Larki
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    Some abbreviations which r not known to many of us,,, NEWS : North, East, West, South CHESS : Chariot, Horse, Elephant, SoldierS COLD : Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease JOKE : Joy Of Kids Entertainment AIM : Ambition In Mind DATE : Day And Time Evolution EAT : Energy And Taste PEN : Power Enriched in Nib SMILE : Sweet Memories In Lips Expression BYE : Be with You Every-time
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    i rememebr my youngest bro he was hardly 6 months old and mum was busy doing something so i thot lets train him to eat some food all the time milk milk milk will make him fat i was eating roti ....so roti with a bit of salan which wa spalak aloo i guess made a nawala and just forced in his tiny mouth saying u gona like it....and u will say i want this ......omg next minute i saw him eyes poping out turning red and blue he couldny breath and m like kya hua aur khana hai and so i started making an other nawala for him mum came and she started yelling ai ki kita hi stayanas bera gharak....and started hitting him on back am like maar ku rae hain khanay dain i dun knw how but she managed at the end to get the massive nawala out of his mouth thora sa roiiin kay aaj kuch ho jata tu mein idhar ki na rehti udhar ki na rehti bla bla ....and thn she just looked at me took her jooti offf and thts it job done lolz it wont go away i mean this memory as whnever any babay in family come to our house and if try to feed him with anythng lol i just go back thr again
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    ager tum kisi ko ALLAH sy mango oar phr wo tumhaen na mily,,, to smjh lo k tmhaen koi oar ALLAH sy maang chuka hy,, oar us ki duaoon mae tum sy zyada shiddat hy...
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    some memories,,,,, When most popular game were "chupan chupai", "baraf pani", "unch nich".. when best delights were "polka", "jubilee", "popcorn". "mitchells toffee".. When pepsi was worth Rs 6.. When watching 7:30am cartoon before school on Ptv & "ninja turtLe", "captain planet" in the evening.. When we were not allowed 2 watch movies but we managed it anyway.. When our best asset was "Bubble Gummers" Shoes.. When getting Rs 50 Eidi meant , u were rich.. When decision were made by Akkar Bakkar Bombay Bow.. When Wonderbread ki BMX bicycle was a source of jealousy in d entire mohalla.. When while playing cricket rule was "ghar mai janay ka out or jo maray ga woh laikr ayega".. when d worst nightmares were "injection" "School" "darkroom" & "qari sahab".. Childish but Awesome Memories.
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    إقـرأ الـقـصـة لـن تـأخـذ مـن وقـتـك سـوى دقـيـقـة ایک قصہ جو پڑھنے میں آپ کا ایک منٹ سے زیادہ وقت نہیں لگے گا قـصـة بـعـنـوان :- عـمـر الـمـخـتـار قصہ جس کا عنوان ہے : ۔ عمر مختار (رحمہ اللہ ) ♥.•-----------•.♥ ( ایک ایسے لیبیائی مجاہد آزادی کا قصہ جو بیس برس تک اٹلی کی فوجوں سے برسرِپیکار رہا جو معلم قرآن بھی تھا ۔ ستر سال کی عمر میں ایک معرکے میں اُسے زخمی حالت میں گرفتار کیا گیا ) سأله الضابط:هل حاربت الدولة الايطالية...؟ افسر پوچھتا ہے : کیا تم نے اٹلی کے خلاف جنگ میں حصہ لیا عمر:نعم عمر مختار : ہاں وهل شجعت الناس على حربها؟ کیا تم نے لوگوں کو اس جنگ پر ابھارا نعم ہاں وهل أنت مدرك عقوبة مافعلت؟ کیا تمہیں احساس ہے کہ تمہیں اپنے کیے کی کیا سزا ملے گی _نعم ہاں وهل تقر بماتقول؟ کیا یہ تمہارا اعتراف ہے جو تم کہ رہے ہو _نعم ہاں منذ كم سنة وأنت تحارب السلطات الايطالية؟ تم کتنے سالوں سے اٹلی کی فوجوں سے جنگ کر رہے ہو _منذ20 سنة بیس سالوں سے هل أنت نادم على مافعلت؟ کیا تمہیں اپنے کیے پر پچھتاوا ہے لا نہیں هل تدرك أنك ستعدم؟ کیا تمہیں احساس ہے کہ تمہیں پھانسی دی جائے گی _نعم ہاں _فيقول له القاضي بالمحكمة: جج اُسے مخاطب کرتے ہوئے کہتا ہے : أنا حزين بأن تكون هذه نهايتك مجھے تمہارے اس طرح کے انجام پر دکھ اور افسوس ہے فيرد عمر المختار: عمر مختار جواب دیتا ہے : بل هذه أفضل طريقة أختم بها حياتي........... نہیں بلکہ یہ میرے زندگی کا حسین اختتام ہے _فيحاول القاضي أن يغريه فيحكم عليه بالعفو العام مقابل أن يكتب للمجاهدين أن يتوقفوا عن جهاد الأيطاليين ,فينظر له عمر ويقول كلمته المشهورة: جج اُسے لالچ دینے کی کوشش کرتا ہے وہ اُسے مکمل معافی کی پیشکش کرتا ہے اس شرط پر کہ وہ مجاھدین کو لکھ دے کہ وہ اٹلی کے خلاف جہاد روک دیں عمر مختار اُسے دیکھتا ہے اور اپنا مشہور زمانہ قول کہتا ہے : (ان السبابة التي تشهد في كل صلاة أن لا اله الا الله وأن محمدا رسول الله ,لايمكن أن تكتب كلمة باطل). جو انگلی ہر نماز میں اللہ کی وحدانیت کی اور محمد عربی صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کی رسالت کی گواہی دیتی ہو اُس انگلی سے باطل کلمہ نہیں لکھا جا سکتا
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    Elahi Mujay Itna tu Mao'tabar kar day Main jis makan main rehta hoon usay ghar kar day
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    Right Gul they can never explain why their basic things are different from Islam like Kalma Azaan and Namaz
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    عبدللہ بن عمر رضی الله تعالیٰ عنھ سے روایت ہے ایک شخص نے نبی اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم سے عرض کی، یا رسول الله صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کون سے عمل یا کیسا اسلام بہتر ہے؟ نبی اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم نے جواب دیا: غریب کو کھانا کھلانا، اور سلام کرنا اسے جسے تم جانتے ہو اور اسے جسے تم نہیں جانتے حوالہ: (مفہوم) صحیح بخاری ، کتاب الایمان ، حدیث 11 Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr (R.A): A man asked the Beloved Prophet (S.A.W.W), "What sort of deeds or (what qualities of) Islam are good?" The Prophet replied, 'To feed (the poor) and greet those whom you know and those whom you do not Know Ref: Sahih Al-Bukhari the Book Of Belief Hadith # 11
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    TO ALL GIRLS: You DON'T need a boy who's married to the streets, but a man who's engaged to his DEEN and married to his SALAH ♥ :) You DON'T need a boy who loves you for your make-up and clothes, but a man who loves you for the sake of ALLAH SWT and your HIJAB ♥ :) You DON'T need a boy who wants a wife because he's tired of messing around with girls, but a man who wants to complete half of his DEEN! ♥ :) •.Don’t be too hurry in love, find someone who can guide you not only in Dunya, but in akhirah. Who can pick you up when you fall, who can remind you when you forget, love you with all his might, someone that will holds your hands through thick and thin & leads you to the Jannah.•*♥♥♥*• May Allah reward us with good life partner, Ameen.....
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    Aitebar by junaid jamshed superb song
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    it reminds me of my adventure at village ..more or less same ....as we all knw in village u can actually walk between 2 villages u dun have to get a car or buses thr are lil paths between fields.....just like sho i went with my older cousin bro .....on his big bicycle i was about 8 he took me to show the big poultry house owned by taya ji .....according to him thr were few new hens which looked like me exactly so i got excited and said to him take me wth u cos of eid no one really bothered asking us whr we are going my cousin bro was 18 at tht time i sat on his bicycle in the front...holding the handle......and he took me to the other village whr our other chacha use to live ......to me it was just gr8 poora din eidi laiti rahi sab sai .......thn my phoopi came running asking whr iam cos someone rang in neighbours house k am missing and whole viallgers wth my dad and taya are looking for me haaaaai tht was the most awkward moment ....chacha put me on his motorbike took me home ammi tu bas ankhain dikha kr kaam kr dia but gave couple of slaps .......bachat ho gae cos phoopo came inbetween but jo cousin bro k sath hui bicharay taya ji nay kafi durgat banai thi uunki he was like ab tum ro ro ro k pagal ho jao wnt tk u anywhr itna jawa hoon aur maar marr kr bura haal kr dia hai unhon nay mera mujhay tu bas daraya dhmakaya gaya k kheton mein sai hor ata hain ankh naak kaan kaat kr lai jatay hain aisa dari blv me aaj bi akeli nae jati kahn
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    Zindage k kuch lumhy aisy hon gay jub tum kisse ko chaho gy. Liken tumhi chahnay wala koi na ho ga. Jub tum kisee ka intazar kro gy . Liken tumara intazar krnay wala koi na ho ga. Jub sitary hon gy. Liken tumara Chand kahin bhe na ho ga. Aankho main aanso to hon gy liken inhin ponchny wala koi na ho ga. So Zindage k in lumho main ager koi Peyar Chahat Khlos Our mohbut sy blay to chalay jana: Shayid bad main koi blany wala bhe na ho...:(((
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