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    Well mr omar u cudnt provide aby answer there in sunni topic yeh khula hua hai apnay akeeday ko tu defend kr lo agar udhar reply na kr skay thay aap
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    Udaas Logon ki Bastion mein. Wo Titlion ko Talash Kerti.. Wo Aik Larki.. ...Wo Gol Chehra Wo Kali Aankhain.. Jo Kerti Rehti Hazaar Baatain.. Mizaj Saada Wo Dil Ki Achi.. Wo Aik larki.. Wo Mohabbaton K Nisaab Janay.. Wo Janti Hai Ehad Nibhanay.. Wo Achi Dost Wo Achi Saathi.. Wo Aik Larki.. Wo Jhootay Logon Ko Sacha Samjhay.. Wo Saari Duniya ko Acha Samjhay.. Wo Kitni Saada Wo Kitni Pagli.. Wo Aik Larki
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    Some abbreviations which r not known to many of us,,, NEWS : North, East, West, South CHESS : Chariot, Horse, Elephant, SoldierS COLD : Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease JOKE : Joy Of Kids Entertainment AIM : Ambition In Mind DATE : Day And Time Evolution EAT : Energy And Taste PEN : Power Enriched in Nib SMILE : Sweet Memories In Lips Expression BYE : Be with You Every-time
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    i rememebr my youngest bro he was hardly 6 months old and mum was busy doing something so i thot lets train him to eat some food all the time milk milk milk will make him fat i was eating roti ....so roti with a bit of salan which wa spalak aloo i guess made a nawala and just forced in his tiny mouth saying u gona like it....and u will say i want this ......omg next minute i saw him eyes poping out turning red and blue he couldny breath and m like kya hua aur khana hai and so i started making an other nawala for him mum came and she started yelling ai ki kita hi stayanas bera gharak....and started hitting him on back am like maar ku rae hain khanay dain i dun knw how but she managed at the end to get the massive nawala out of his mouth thora sa roiiin kay aaj kuch ho jata tu mein idhar ki na rehti udhar ki na rehti bla bla ....and thn she just looked at me took her jooti offf and thts it job done lolz it wont go away i mean this memory as whnever any babay in family come to our house and if try to feed him with anythng lol i just go back thr again
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    ager tum kisi ko ALLAH sy mango oar phr wo tumhaen na mily,,, to smjh lo k tmhaen koi oar ALLAH sy maang chuka hy,, oar us ki duaoon mae tum sy zyada shiddat hy...
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    kachi memon masjid
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    mein aurat hoon yahi meri khata hai
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    عبدللہ بن عمر رضی الله تعالیٰ عنھ سے روایت ہے ایک شخص نے نبی اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم سے عرض کی، یا رسول الله صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کون سے عمل یا کیسا اسلام بہتر ہے؟ نبی اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم نے جواب دیا: غریب کو کھانا کھلانا، اور سلام کرنا اسے جسے تم جانتے ہو اور اسے جسے تم نہیں جانتے حوالہ: (مفہوم) صحیح بخاری ، کتاب الایمان ، حدیث 11 Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr (R.A): A man asked the Beloved Prophet (S.A.W.W), "What sort of deeds or (what qualities of) Islam are good?" The Prophet replied, 'To feed (the poor) and greet those whom you know and those whom you do not Know Ref: Sahih Al-Bukhari the Book Of Belief Hadith # 11
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    Usay Bhula Doon, Magar Hosla Kahaan Mujh Mein Woh Mere Khoon Ki Tarah Hai Rawaan Dawaan Mujh men, Yeh Be Sabab To Nahi Mujh Men Girya-o-Zaari Koi To Rehta Hai Har Waqt Noha Khwaan Mujh Men, Bas Ek Zalzala Aaya Tha Aur Guzar Bhi Giya Magar Woh Chor Giya Hai Kai Nishaan Mejh Men, Azeez Itna Bhi Kiyon Hai Sakoot-e-Shaam-e-Alam ?? Kahaan Se Aaie Hain Itni Udasiyan Mujh Men ?? Kabhi Main Dard K Darya Men Doob Jata Hoon Kabhi Yeh Dard Uatarta Hai Meri jaan Mujh Men, Ye Kon Baant Giya Mujh Mein Ronaqain Apni ?? Yeh Kon Kar Giya Abaad Ek Jahaan Mujh Mein ?? Main Jab Bhi Haath barhane Lagta Hoon Gulon Ki Taraf To Urne Lagti Hain “Shamsheer” Titliyaan Mujh Mein. …
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    hmmm well u see if u want a change ur govenrment is the one who brings change ....but the tooooo busy in making money ......i wont say to put a shriaa law in Pak but at the moment there should be someone who is a real scholar and knws the true islam ....rather then a guy who hve been commting crimes and then he put a dhari on to save his identity and pretends to be a molvi believe me this is true i was reading this is one pakistai newspapers .....people are doing this these days ....people think tht the more fashinable u are the more good u are ..lol i wud say the are full of keechar mud and they thnking they look good ..... and the politcions are the worst one they are provoking people to do bad things ....and if a crime happens the police doesnt do anything Sialkot linching case .......police involved and still got no justice:( was reading about shazia khalid who was raped by an army officer and mr musharf saved tht person by saying tht these kinda women are after easy money they think tht they will say this and they will get money and fame for tht no justcie done for her:( was listening in news about a man killed in DG Khan by shooting first and then stoned to death afterwoulds his dead body was burned .....again police was involved :( was watching a programme from geo and they were showing tht how 1 woman was accused of killing a man ..but whn the police couldnt find the woman they arrested her daughter of 17 to 18 years old she was kept in the jail for 21 days without any charge and illegaly and u all knw now wht else they did wth her whn she was there and there is a long list of these kinda cases whch never ends .....and mind u they happen every day but no one does anything .... i knw all this is not linked wth fashion but all this is also invloved in that ..... whn i was young was told by my mom tht every single part of the body of woman which is seen by a na mehram man will be burnt in the fire of hell as its a gunnah but now a days Pakistani muslim women walk around in sleeve less quarters jeans and no one is there to tell them whts wrong u guys wont beleive tht whn all these bomb blasts were happening in the name of Allah and muslims i actually beleived in them and thought this is wht islam is ....lol thnx to my dad he told me the right stuff u see all this can be prevented whn the child is in the age of learning ....a mother can tell a child whts wrong and whts right ...and honest dun mind but be away from molvies these days .....they are making an islam of their own bcz they putting things in tht islam which they like so be away from em :p
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    zadia batin mut kia karoo sharafat say Qs Ka Ans dain ap.......... rules ko break karna allow nahi hay
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