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    Udaas Logon ki Bastion mein. Wo Titlion ko Talash Kerti.. Wo Aik Larki.. ...Wo Gol Chehra Wo Kali Aankhain.. Jo Kerti Rehti Hazaar Baatain.. Mizaj Saada Wo Dil Ki Achi.. Wo Aik larki.. Wo Mohabbaton K Nisaab Janay.. Wo Janti Hai Ehad Nibhanay.. Wo Achi Dost Wo Achi Saathi.. Wo Aik Larki.. Wo Jhootay Logon Ko Sacha Samjhay.. Wo Saari Duniya ko Acha Samjhay.. Wo Kitni Saada Wo Kitni Pagli.. Wo Aik Larki
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    Some abbreviations which r not known to many of us,,, NEWS : North, East, West, South CHESS : Chariot, Horse, Elephant, SoldierS COLD : Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease JOKE : Joy Of Kids Entertainment AIM : Ambition In Mind DATE : Day And Time Evolution EAT : Energy And Taste PEN : Power Enriched in Nib SMILE : Sweet Memories In Lips Expression BYE : Be with You Every-time
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    i rememebr my youngest bro he was hardly 6 months old and mum was busy doing something so i thot lets train him to eat some food all the time milk milk milk will make him fat i was eating roti ....so roti with a bit of salan which wa spalak aloo i guess made a nawala and just forced in his tiny mouth saying u gona like it....and u will say i want this ......omg next minute i saw him eyes poping out turning red and blue he couldny breath and m like kya hua aur khana hai and so i started making an other nawala for him mum came and she started yelling ai ki kita hi stayanas bera gharak....and started hitting him on back am like maar ku rae hain khanay dain i dun knw how but she managed at the end to get the massive nawala out of his mouth thora sa roiiin kay aaj kuch ho jata tu mein idhar ki na rehti udhar ki na rehti bla bla ....and thn she just looked at me took her jooti offf and thts it job done lolz it wont go away i mean this memory as whnever any babay in family come to our house and if try to feed him with anythng lol i just go back thr again
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    ager tum kisi ko ALLAH sy mango oar phr wo tumhaen na mily,,, to smjh lo k tmhaen koi oar ALLAH sy maang chuka hy,, oar us ki duaoon mae tum sy zyada shiddat hy...
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    kachi memon masjid
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    Tu Mujh Say Dooriyan Barhany Ka Shoq Poora Kar.. Meri Bhi Zid Ha.. Tujhy Hr Dua Ma Mangun Ga!
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    : ایک معصوم بچی کے دل کی آواز : بابا مجھ کو ڈر لگتا ھے، بابا میری میسیں کھاں ھیں کل سب اسکول کے بچے گھر میں رھیں گے،گھر میں پڑھیں گے میں نے سنا ھے ایک بڑے سےکالی مونچھوں والے انکل بچھوں کر ڈرا ئیں گے،بم لگا کر آئیں گے بھول گئ میں نام بھلا تھا شاید دھشت گرد کھا تھا بابا کیوںماریں گے ھم کو ھم سے کوئ بھول ھوئ ھے ھم سے کیوں ناراض ھیں انکل بابا ان کو گڑیا دے دو یاں پھر میری رنگوں والی یاد ھے نہ وہ نیلی ڈبیہ میری پھلی سالگیرہ پر مجھ کو آپ نے لا کر دی تھی اور میری وہ پیاری پونی ریڈ کلر کی تیتلی والی وہ بھی دے دو ،وہ بھی دے دو پھر تو نھیں ماریں گے مجھ کو یاد ھے بابا،یاد ھے بابا ایک دفعہ جب مجھ کو ھاتھ پے چھوٹ لگی تھی بھت زیادہ درد ھوا تھا تھوڑا سا خون بھی نکلا تھا بھت زیادہ روئ تھی میں کیا یہ بم بڑا ھوتا ھے،کیا یہ بم برا ھوتا ھے بھت زیادہ چھوٹ لگے گی درد بھی شاید زیادہ ھو گا بابا مجھ کو ڈر لگتا ھے بابا مجھ کو ڈر لگتا ھے
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    TRUTH ABOUT GIRLS : They are IMPATIENT: they always want to be attended.. They are IMMATURE: seeking too much attention.. They are EMOTIONAL: even at the smallest detail, they cry.. They are LAWYERS: theycan make right things wrong and wrong things right.. But inspite all, they are: FORGIVING, LOVING, CARING and FAITHFUL .. " ONCETHEY CHOOSE YOU. IT WOULD ALWAYS BE YOU "
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    AGA KHan HospItAl number 1 hospital in KaracHi
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    Welcome Dukh ....! hope u will feel a very entertain with us..! or chay pani ke kia bat hai g u r wellcome any time at ur on expense ..! have a nice time keep shareing with us..! God Bless u TC
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    WC princess...! hope u will enjoy here alot with us..! keep shareing and have fun..! & yes u made the honr of the 1st topic reply here..!
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    Salam... howz u awl ??? its maliha hea em da first ta answer ur ques.. hea it goes.. Ans 1) Cuz i am a princess. Ans 2) Female Ans 3) Karachi Ans 4) 1st yea ryte now.. wana be da dream reader nd homeopath Ans 5) talkative carin nd lovin Ans 6) umm cuz i found dis forum quite interestin.. Ans 7) i feel quite nyce to be da part of dis forum.. its interestin Ans 8) Image gallery Ans 9) Keep up da gud work Ans 10) hmm nuthin lukin lyke givin da exam.. Ok sigin off take carez Allah hafiz


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