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    Tom and Jerry Bowling

    Tom and Jerry Bowling mouse Take your bowling to another level try to bowl a perfect score
  2. The new theme is light, smooth, complex but elegant and is not too hard on your net connection :) This design update is in the series of updates soon to hit CY in the next few weeks, probably before the start of 2006. Insha Allah. We are awaiting your requests, criticism feedback and suggesions. Regards, Admin Related CooLYar BLOG Entry - New look of CooLYar.com Forums
  3. Admin

    All New Coolyar

    Thanks a Lot everyone for your appreciation and specially to those who suggested us with their valuable suggestions.
  4. Admin

    All New Coolyar

    Receipes will be added again in near future. Photo Gallery for CooLYar is ready please tell us what should we add this time ..same wallpapers ... photos of different places or what?
  5. Admin

    All New Coolyar

    Thanks for your Request Kiran, some addons related to Yahoo Messenger will be added soon.
  6. Admin

    All New Coolyar

    All new CooLYar Portal v 7.5 is open for public at http://www.coolyar.com/ We have replaced the old system with this new, powerful and easy-to-use interface. Its not just the interface.. you might have noticed some cool services added to new COOLYAR like MSN Stuff, MSN Tools, Ringtones section and a lot more. We need your feedback in this regard to improve this website even futher. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Regards, CooLYar.com Adminz
  7. Admin

    Wishes And Thanks Section

    'Birthday' section was renamed to "Celebrations and Wishes" and some topics related to this section were moved there. Your Suggestions and Requests are welcome Always
  8. Admin

    I Have Problem

    It means you are not Linking any Image file (.gif .jpg) but linking other format like (.php .asp). You can try it with any image file and it should work.
  9. Admin

    Rukh, The New Moderator

    We have seen her creativity in "CooLYar News Network (CNN)", "CooLyar Live Coverage of Eid", "Hasr Nashar" and countless other topics. She has been a very creative member of this community and now she is a mod. Congrats to rukh on her acheivement. We really believe the New Moderating Team will take CooLYar to an ever higher level of interest and activity. Congrats rukh!!!!! Adminz
  10. It was Asim Ali's idea of starting a SPORTS section on CooLYar we gave him the oportunity and he administrated his section very well. that's y we decidede to make him a mod of SPORTS Forum Congrats!!!!! I hope to see more interesting posts and stats from him on this community (Inshah Allah) Adminz
  11. NaDaN is the new moderator of CooLYar Community. She has been an active member of this community and now we have decided to put some responsililites on her shoulders. Congrats!!! Adminz CooLYar.com
  12. We have just promoted Shabo and fati to moderators Congrats to both of you and keep up the good work. Shabo is now the moderator of Guftgu and Shair-o-Shairi forums and Fati is a moderator of Guftgu and Image Gallery forum. Congrats on behalf of all the members of CY, CY Forums and of course the CY Team. Best Regards, CooLYar Team
  13. CooLYar.com is now updated with a new frontpage The new frontpage is designed to help improve the navigation and usability. Check out the New CooLYar look at: http://www.coolyar.com The CooLYar Team
  14. CooLYar.com won the Golden Web Awards 2003 - 2004. Thank you everyone for making this website a hit. Comments on CooLYar by I.A.W.M.D [international Association of Webmasters & Designers] Click to Verfiy We hope to bring more content, Fun, People and Colour to this website in the coming days. The CooLYar Team
  15. As most of you know that 14th of August 2002 is the "Independence Day of Pakistan". Keeping this in mind we have launched the "Independence Day Special" of coolyar.net that will stay here for at least a week. Haven't noticed it yet? We'll take a look at coolyar.net Now :;): The Greeting Cards for Independence day will also be added in a few hours. Your Suggestions and Feedback is most welcome. Don't hesitate to contact us. Webmasters http://www.coolyar.net/

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