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  1. awaaiis

    Those Friend Of Yours

    Those Friend Of Yours we hae been separated since years every evening i go to your friends those straight rows of trees on the bank of the river,they miss you i used to talk to them until the moon came out then i walk on those dry leafs your memories always accompany me those leaves are silent now they dont remember soft whispers of your feet the air has lost sweetness of your smell now there is silence everywhere those dry leaves loong for that whispers the river water is striking his head, air is searching your smell each one of your friends asks for you everyday i used to consolidate them she will come tommorrow but who could tell them that tommorrow will not come Qaiser Javaid Copyright ©2003 Qaiser Javaid
  2. awaaiis

    Im Not New

    hello n aslamoalikum well im a very occasional use of coolyar although really kool sitre but actually my routine is not all that kool so whenever i found the time i found this site a must visit nothing special to write in here takecare all
  3. awaaiis

    Community Look and Feel

    asalamoalikum, ah well do batain again 1- sorry dear administrator ..... i guess mai nay layout pay itna ghoor kia he nahi ... :) jo kuch bhe hay everythin is going cool tu bus theek hayna ..... 2.shabo wow aap tu mayray say bhe achi observant hain ... reply mai yahe kahonga spelling kuch bhe thay apko matlab say gurz hona chyia the na .. wese ya mai tanzia likhay thay hey but chill out:man: take care
  4. awaaiis

    who is ready for this ;)

    is waqt tu bus aik he araha hay zahun main na na na raay na ray na na na na raay na raay na saday nul rawo gay tay aish karo gay zindage dey saray mazay cash karo gay saday naal ooho saday naal L take care
  5. awaaiis

    Community Look and Feel

    asalamoalikum do batain aik tu ya kay im a new user islia i don know kay pahlay kia appearance the yahan ki\ second chnage kay speelling galat hain :wub: wese u ppl r doing a fine job tabhi tu mai yahan hun take care
  6. suna hay loog issay ankh bhur kay dekhtay hain so iskay shahar main kuch din thahar kay dekhtay hain suna hay dard ki ghahuk hay iski chashmay naaz so hum bhe iski gali say guzar kay dekhtay hain suna hay isko shairoshairi say hay shughuff so hum bhe mujizay apnay hunur kay dekhtay hain suna hay bolay tu baton say phool jhurtay hain ya hay tu chalo baat karkay dekhtay hain suna hay din ko issay titliaan satattte hain suna hay raat ko jugno thahar kay dekhtay hain ub iskay shahar mai thahraain ya kooch kar jain faraz aoo sitaray safur kay dekhtay hain ... take care
  7. awaaiis

    who is ready for this ;)

    asalamoalikum so i am back again awarapun bunjarapun aik khula hay seenay mai hur dum hur pul baychani haay kon bula hay seenay mai I take care
  8. awaaiis

    who is ready for this ;)

    HI FRIENDS, well wasi i guess that was N not A so n goez out to nasha ya piayr ka nasha hay ya baat mayre manoo nashay main kho kay zindaani raho na hosh main dewano itsO TAKE CARE
  9. awaaiis

    who is ready for this ;)

    If u had my love and I gave u all my trust Would u comfort me And if somehow u knew that your love would be untrue Would u lie to me And call me your baby JENNIFAR LOPEZ.. Y
  10. awaaiis

    love or arranged?

    asalamoalikum ahh well here im again well seeing the polls .. it just hit ma mind that theres a fav question in our society so i presented this to u take care

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