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  1. aamir354pk

    Cy News

    ok sister today i logged in after7 years on this website.i was reading my old posts .i am laughing on my sillyness.are u still active member?
  2. aamir354pk

    Oooooops I'm Back!

    I am also back to the coolyar cummunity
  3. aamir354pk

    Missing Someone At Da Moment.?,

    missing my beautiful wife rabia
  4. aamir354pk

    Missing Someone At Da Moment.?,

    Missing my sweet Wife Rabia
  5. aamir354pk

    Cy News

    Mr i saw the alert in my email and i came online today after an year for deleting my account but dont find any option to delete .i dont need to give you explanation its better you remove my account from this website.
  6. aamir354pk

    Cy News

    waqas sahib if you think its all my fault then I am I am leaving the forum.lakin ap ko un ki postings ma koi rudeness nazar nahi aye.its very starnge .agar ap ko mess up sirf aik taraf nazar aya to mujhe hasi a rahi ha ap pay bhi .baqi allah hafiz.and thanks for your justice as a administrator.aj ka bad ap mujhe yaha nahi dakhay ga .mujhe ap ki bat sa aitfaq nahi .lakin ap ko mari posts ma rudeness pehlay nazar nahi aye aik dam sa rudeness nazar a gaey .chalo achi bat hai larki honay ka kutch to advantage lia uno na .
  7. aamir354pk


    jheel saif ulmalook fir tay mari ban bu ghariya hoing
  8. aamir354pk


  9. aamir354pk

    Cy News

    i never pushed you you crossed your limits
  10. aamir354pk

    Cy News

    have you read my second last post I said I will ignore but you never stop what you want
  11. aamir354pk

    Cy News

    you shut up and and get lost showing your background .pscho to bohat chota lafz hai tum to tamam hadood cross kar chuki ho you should be in mental hospital.devel mind
  12. aamir354pk

    Hansna Mana Hai .....

    aj baray khush lagday ho
  13. aamir354pk

    Cy News

    now i am not going to answer you.but I know you will not stop because nature cant change and if I will keep replying you then there will be no difference between u and me .so its better I should ignore your posts now.
  14. aamir354pk

    Beautiful Pakistan

    lake satpara

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