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  1. Aamna S. Qureshi

    Zardari Orders Blocking Of Geo News

    aameen summa aameen...
  2. Aamna S. Qureshi

    What Is Ur Favourite?

    MSN. Your favorite Song?
  3. Aamna S. Qureshi

    ~*~ Dil Kar Raha Hai K ~*~

    Dil chah raha hai k unpatriotic citizens ko Pakistan se uttha k bahir pheink doon...
  4. Aamna S. Qureshi

    Zardari Orders Blocking Of Geo News

    May ALLAH protect Pakistan from its enemies & from those who want to make a bad image of Pakistan in front of world aameen. By the way, WHO said that I'm unaware of it??? You??? Are you authority????????????? If i or anyone didn't write anything about what's going on it doesn't mean that i or anyone unaware................................... ! Baghair jaanay kisi k baarey mein raaye qaaim nahin karni chahiye for your kind info. Bye.
  5. Aamna S. Qureshi


  6. Aamna S. Qureshi

    Zardari Orders Blocking Of Geo News

    Hmm i don't know may be its banned in some areas but not banned in our area of Karachi i.e in Gulshan e Iqbal of Karachi as i myself saw it... Khud laga k check kiya tha maine... No comments @ resignation or shameful act or whatever.
  7. Aamna S. Qureshi

    Zardari Orders Blocking Of Geo News

    Which are other 2 channels??? GEO isn't banned yet but its frequency is set at some last point or something like that but it isn't banned as we saw it in afternoon.
  8. Aamna S. Qureshi

    Which Song U R Listening Right Now ?

    Haal e Dil.
  9. Aamna S. Qureshi

    What Is Ur Favourite?

    Nokia. Favorite emotion of CY?
  10. Aamna S. Qureshi

    Hadh Ker Di Apnay Hadh Ker Di Apnay .....

    Aye haye bechari gaae...
  11. Aamna S. Qureshi


    Funny Ramz...
  12. Aamna S. Qureshi


    hahah so funny...
  13. Aamna S. Qureshi

    Tip Of De Day / Sugestion 4 Any One

    A careless word may kindle strife, A cruel word may wreck a life, A timely word may level stress.. A loving word may heal and bless.
  14. Aamna S. Qureshi


    A long nosed man married a long nosed woman. They had a baby, Nurse said: "mubarak ho, aap k yahaan naak paida huwi hai aur sath mein thorra sa kaka b laga huwa hai."
  15. Aamna S. Qureshi

    Favorite Member Of 2008


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