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  1. Maliha khan

    Attendance Time

  2. Enjoying hot weather In Lahore ;)

    1. sho_shweet


      hot kahan hy iswqt to fit hy :)

    2. Waqas


      Wait for the Rains

    3. Aiza


      so pray for rains :)

  3. Maliha khan

    Your Current Mood?

  4. Maliha khan

    Cy News

    M Backkk :D Mere exams ne finally jaan chordi meri.. Holidays now Shukar he..
  5. Finallyyy done with Examss.. Aahhhh Holidayyssss :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. sho_shweet


      mubarkaaaaaaaaan :P

    3. rust_in_peace


      congrats,mk, the butterflies in ur tummy can rest and you can spoil urself for a few days

    4. Maliha khan

      Maliha khan

      Yeah Rusty :)

  6. Maliha khan

    Members Tht Shud Be Banned

    Men tumhen ban karsakti hun apne aap ko nhi Elfff ki koi jaga nhi Cy men
  7. Maliha khan

    Cy News

    Ye yaha sab akhir thanks kyu kar rahe hen ?
  8. Maliha khan

    Members Tht Shud Be Banned

    Shweety Kyu bhen bhai ko larwa rahi ho bhui ?
  9. Maliha khan

    Members Tht Shud Be Banned

    Lol.. Wah je .. Ab Inhen ban kon karega sab ko ye bhi batao wese Sobe Amaan Cancerian or Sabah ko to men kardongy ban
  10. Maliha khan

    I Am Blessed With A Baby Boy

    Great Mashallah.. Congratulations :)
  11. Maliha khan

    Cy News

    Mene ek Post to ki thi wo pata nhi kaha gaye Shweety ne hi khalia hoga Mrs Monkey jo thehri Jus here to say that Exams would take 2 more Weeks then Holidays I will be regular Inshallah
  12. Maliha khan

    Cy News

    Rainbow ne - nhi dekha hoga Shweety men buhat shareef thi tumne bigara he
  13. Maliha khan

    Daily Random Shots

    Taken from the roof A bright light coming from Sky
  14. Maliha khan

    Cy News

    Lol.. Wat a attendance result it is Karachi walo ka kam kam saya rahe to acha he.. Hum bigarna nhi chahte yahan akr

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