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  1. Gul_E_HayaT

    For All Cy Members....

    Nice one lol Thanks
  2. Gul_E_HayaT

    Saudis Give Women Olympic Games Go-Ahead

    Just read this in the newspaper. Well, it's like advance stuff coming out from Saudi king, good progress.
  3. Gul_E_HayaT

    Gul Ahmed Summer 2012 Collection

    It's not the copy , it's called the trend.
  4. Gul_E_HayaT


    Masha_Allah and your bro did catch some eyes?
  5. Gul_E_HayaT


    At least some one out there like me loves shopping , cool. I do buy scarfs too but too many. Just bought 2 scarfs lately with light colours for summer, havn't tried them yet. I love buying handbags, Jewellery , make up and cloths. I think, I am not too good at decoratin , my older sis do that. No doubt, I do grocery n rest of the house shopping too. I think ladies do more shopping for the house hold in west compared to men. 2 days ago, I bought my mum salwar qameez dress and she doesn't like it now I have to rexchange it
  6. Gul_E_HayaT


  7. Gul_E_HayaT


    Oh that's why , you depend on appi's choice and who does for appi? Well, I dun like doing shopping in Pakistan,v bad enviornment , people stare at you kinda disgusting. I understand you. May be, when you older then you 'll do for yourself.
  8. OMG, It's been 4 years today since I joined CY, history!!

  9. Gul_E_HayaT


    same question You hate shopping,how old are you? who does your shopping?
  10. Missing The Sun ... I hate RAIN /=

    1. daineee


      Iluv rains.. lets exchange..:P

    2. Gul_E_HayaT
    3. daineee


      come to me ... i wud give u sunshine.....

  11. Gul_E_HayaT

    Nik Wallenda Walking Over Niagara Falls On Rope

    ^ Agreed with Rainbow , It so amazing and scary too. He is a talanted man.
  12. Gul_E_HayaT


    Waqas, why doesn't the Image I added in my siggy is invisible ?
  13. Gul_E_HayaT


    You hate shopping,how old are you? who does your shopping?
  14. Gul_E_HayaT


    Some body stop me, I am going crazy with shopping uff £200 in 2 days /=

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