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  1. LeGend

    What Is The Second Name Of Love?

  2. LeGend

    Your Current Mood?

  3. LeGend


    Love means To Give!
  4. LeGend

    New Year's Resolutions

    My new year's resolution is I,me and myself , its all about me, discovering my own self :)
  5. LeGend


    The difference btw love and eating goalgapay is that goalgapay you want to eat them, you like to eat them , and sometimes you have them to eat but Love , you dun't want to be in love but still you just fall in. You like to have it but sometime's you cn't have it so on and on . In goalgapy u have choice but in love its like no choice if there is a choice then its a hard choice.
  6. LeGend

    Happy New Year 2012

    Happy new year to all :)
  7. OMG, logged in here after ages

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. LeGend


      Waqas and Sweet,, Thanks

    3. LeGend


      Rust In peace..U thought I am dead that's your own fault!

    4. amaan


      nice to meet a senior member of cy today , even though in a very brief encounter.

  8. LeGend

    Happy Birthday!

    Hello Hmm! I hope u would b doing ok? I m all right I know m sorry 4 wishing u on ur bday : ( But i I wish u All the best n Happy Beltad bday :)
  9. Sorry 4 bein Late! Dear Mr Waqas! I would like to congatulate you in the arrival of your new baby girl.Much love and wishes of happiness to you and your wife. :) Best wishes!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! WELCOME TO THE WORLD Oh BabY Gal*
  10. LeGend

    Polling For Poetry Competition

    Voted 2 Decent -A- Gud Luck dude!
  11. LeGend

    Ghar E Hira

    Have been 2 Gar-e-Hira myslf last summr! :) Was a long n hard journey of my life! m missing aftr luking these pics :( Really amazing! fanx fo Sharing! :)
  12. LeGend

    Eid Mubarak!

    ^ V nice :)

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