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  1. Happy Birthday To you

  2. mishi

    Our Experience At Cy

    1.WHO INTRODUCE U TO CY. no one 2.REASON FOR JOINING none 3.UR FIRST DAY ON CY was borin 4.TO WHOM U ADDRESED ( ON UR FIRST DAY) nadan 5.THE TOPIC U ENJOYED MOST lodzzz of them 6.ANY HARD FEELINGS ABT CY OR ANY MEMBER none 5.LESSON LEARNT FROM CY. none gr8 topic sanum and keep it up happy birthday coolyaar may this year be the most gr8est year ever.
  3. mishi

    Word Game

  4. mishi

    CooLYar Awards: Best Member Of 2003

    nice topic but a member should give 2 votes one for their self and one for thier own fav member. love mishi
  5. mishi

    Word Game

    drum love mishi
  6. mishi

    Awards 2003 Of Cy

    wow ;) i m back again and well the bad part was no body even gave my names in any of the votes <_< love mishi
  7. mishi

    > try this

    Asthma horrible
  8. mishi

    Snow Dogs

    they r so scary cause i m really really scared of dogs when they come near me i start to scream
  9. mishi

    What So Different About These Animals?

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh they r so so so so ?????
  10. mishi

    Happy Birthday Rukh

    wow wow wow wow and wow
  11. mishi

    Word Game

  12. mishi

    My Thoughts!

    hey thanks i saw that movie yesterday and i loved it its old but i love it
  13. mishi

    Who Takes Best Revenge

    hey thats not true fati i take revenges and i dont forget anyones mistake when i was 5 there was a boy in my school who pushed me and i was so angry that i broke his tooth he whould never forget it for his whole life
  14. mishi

    Happy Birthday Rukh

    hey thats right but where is the birthday girl ??????????????? love mishi
  15. mishi

    My Thoughts!

    so its easy shabo u can say him that u like him and that word cant spoil ur friendship or can i dont know but its easy sayin i love u in friendship and have u seen kuch kuch hota hai u r kajol say him i love u before rani mukarji gets him and u havent told us his name so can we call him shahrukh khan just to make his name by our selves and his he handsome just like real shahrukh khan love mishi

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