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  1. sajjal

    Ankhein Bheeg Jati Hain

    nice choice
  2. sajjal

    Yoo Reza Reza

  3. sajjal

    Teri yaad seene se ....

    nice choice
  4. sajjal


    nice janab
  5. sajjal

    Muslim duty

  6. sajjal


    fantastic keep it up
  7. sajjal

    Have no idea what will i write

    nice effort keep it up
  8. sajjal

    Guum naam

    wonderful keep it up
  9. sajjal

    Shaam kay baad...!

    nice janab:yes:
  10. sajjal

    Muhabatoon ki rah per

    woww so nice keep it up
  11. mana kay hum say bhi buhat ghaltiyan hoien shaed kay darguzar ki tumhain aadat nahin rahi zabar10 janab
  12. sajjal

    Tumhein Maloom Hai...

    hmmmmmmmmm nice jii:yes:
  13. sajjal

    Kuch Ajub Sa Laga

    nice choice zabar10:yes:
  14. sajjal

    Dil Ki Batain, Bata Deti Hain , Aankhen*

    nice selection:)

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