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    Montreal-> New York-> Islamabad
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    (information in 2003)- I do whatever comes to my mind. I like to Be Happy. I love laughing, talking, sleeping, eating, and reading. I like to cook.

    Well I cook now.

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  1. Anybody knows me?

    1. Waqas


      I guess no one except me. :)

    2. sabah



    3. sho_shweet
  2. rythm

    Your Current Mood?

    Shawaaaiiinnn it is not good
  3. rythm

    Saalgirah Mubarak ::ariba::

    ooo Happy Belated B day ariba.,.. :flower:
  4. rythm

    Your Current Mood?

    mera mood fot honay wala hai
  5. rythm

    Altaf Hussain In Ur Opinon

    masla yeh hai k saday kol wi aslah hai matlab no opinion :D
  6. rythm

    Vote Here

    jahan jahan NONE likha haua hai wahan plz RYTHM likh dijiye :D
  7. rythm

    Lot Of Fun Of Stick

    hahah dobara dekha dobara bohat hansi aii
  8. rythm

    Want To Sleep In Class Room

    hahaha baweya mujeh raz pata chal gaya hai hehehehe
  9. rythm


    i dont liek coke <_<
  10. rythm

    ~collection Of Best Friends~

    awwww kitnay shaweeeeet hain
  11. rythm

    High Return Investment Opportunity

    kiran image nai hai? :S
  12. rythm


    array kai fitt gift hai i wish .. mujeh b mere sasur aise hi gift kartay :D
  13. rythm

    Dolls Collection..!

    oye matti k baway tumko abhi tak dollz ka shauk hai :P waise.. very adoreable dollz..
  14. rythm

    Can Any One Provide?

    check here http://www.bryanadams.nu/videoclips/index_live2005-2006.html --------------------------------------------------------------- this is a video of his concert in MUMBAI http://youtube.com/watch?v=SOPwC3_ZOFQ --------------------------------------------------------------- this is the video of his concert in KARACHI.. but its too short.. just of 14 seconds http://youtube.com/watch?v=-ftrBz0zJaE :D RyThEm"
  15. rythm

    Can Any One Provide?

    me no have it either...

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