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  1. :D Miss A this is ur post and u told not to post here so i will not after this reply First of all when i saw this topic i didn't want to reply as i knew it would lead to some type of fight :P i replied after reading Waqas's post which showed complete Arragonce towards the members (in this democarcy as told by ooky) and the way he said abt grouping without looking at himself and then he warned me for something which was not at all misbehaviour and was already said by Sanum and later said BY lala also ooo tht panga thing he was telling me not U :D Anyway i don't care wht "PPL" think abt me as all my friends and nearly whole of CY knows h i am :D so Miss A asatalavista from this post :D
  2. hmmm np Anuty g (hope u don't mind sis me calling u aunty :P) the topic was diverted by ur "WISEEE" when he Pointed out me for misbehaving (which most of the members so was nothing :D) ya i agree with u he Shld "Ignore" bz who cares for Members in this "DEMOCRACY" it reallly feels strange when ppl who r Ghum for months come and say wht u saying is wrong anyway everyone is entilted HIS/HER thoughts :D
  3. Qaasim

    Sonoooooooooooo's Birthday

    Sonoo Monoo g Happpy Birthday to u
  4. Qaasim

    Ager App Cy K Admins Hotey Tu

    sis looks like u want "Mr Admin" to warn u for misbehaving :P
  5. yaar wht not...:D means no teeth :P
  6. Qaasim


    sis if u have uploaded the pics on site just copy the tags and edit ur post and paste the tags again :)
  7. Qaasim

    *hum *tum*

    10+1=11 y firing at this masoom
  8. Qaasim

    *hum *tum*

  9. Qaasim

    Your True Story

    :o Sis yeh app ki reallly story hai i am realllly sad after reading this
  10. Qaasim

    *hum *tum*

  11. Qaasim

    *hum *tum*

  12. Qaasim

    *hum *tum*

  13. Qaasim

    *hum *tum*

  14. Qaasim

    *hum *tum*

  15. Qaasim

    *hum *tum*


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