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  1. a1b2c3


    Thanks a lot.
  2. a1b2c3

    Altaf Hussain In Ur Opinon

    Where is poll? I do not see with this topic, Am I missing something?
  3. a1b2c3

    Corruption Survey!

    Forget about others man, tel me are we (Paksitani) improving or going even more bad
  4. a1b2c3

    Attendence Time

    I think I am very early today as no one is here in CY class.
  5. a1b2c3

    I Hope I Made U Smile

  6. a1b2c3

    English Is A Very Funny Language! Enjoy!

    I do NOT. Problem is not with English, problem is with the indians
  7. a1b2c3

    Want Your Attention Admins

    Hello, Asim and/or Waqas, How can I get rid of thsi Extar Dark Blue color as background? Give some very light color (no low ver). I only spend 5-10 minutes per day and this Dark BLUE is killing my eyes. Thanks in Advance (TIA)
  8. a1b2c3


    AOA, Your into is interesting. Only question I have is "Baba Adam's Cycle chock is still present in Jaddeh"? You are just 60-70 KM from "Haram Shareef" whenever you get a chance to go there pleae pray for me. I have yet to figureout you guys wrote in Undu. Bye..
  9. a1b2c3

    Do You Know?

    Asalam O Alaykum, I am pleased to see this topic is still active and feeling bad (ashamed) as I was not taking part (completely absent). I hope you will not say me bad as I am your elder brother. I hope Insha Allah will take part here. Take care.
  10. a1b2c3

    A True Story

    AOA, You are very right. This is exactly way RAZAQ has nothing to do with intelligency you have often seen people very intelligent and educated earning below normal wages and people look like stupid (Bay W Koof) earning very high income. Allah S.W.T has his own rules and reasoning which we can not imagine and understand.
  11. a1b2c3

    Saeed Anwar

    When Allah wants to bless someone He gives the person knowledge of Deen.
  12. a1b2c3

    Do You Know?

    AOA, I was out out of country but now I am back Insha 'a Allah I will start posting questions within day or so. Thanks to all. Great job by MuhammadAmjadIqbal. Sobe thanks for liking. Your observation is right very few members comes and answer/take part here.
  13. a1b2c3

    --->>>test Your Common Sense <<<---

    I know one thing that is "Common Sense is Not very Common" :P I will see your pic latter.
  14. a1b2c3

    Come Here & Join

    AOA, DE your are wrong I never said you or any one else is not decent. I am NO BODY to start giving character certificates or anything like that. I use to spent more time on CY in 03-04 and I noticed/observed at this time. One thing I observe about you "you read with full concentration" and also conclude results quickely. You and others please donot be mad at me. If your name is not there this only mean that I have not read lot of your replies (my fault, my bad)
  15. a1b2c3

    Come Here & Join

    I missed Sanum and Ibadat from the above list. Pl include these two as well. I am still missing few.

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