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    ma intersts r to chat n make friends, listening music, playing cricket ,shairo shairy, cool stuff and many more

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  1. happy birthday 2 u may ur all wishes come true ameeeeeeeeen

    thoura late hogyi na sryyyyy

  2. happy bday,,,may u live many more years,,,stay blessed:)

  3. aaj kal bare buxy hogye hoon arsii janab bhool k he sahi cy ka chakkar laga liya karo

  4. arsii

    Wot R U Wearin

    nice dressing :)
  5. arsii

    Wot R U Wearin

    multi lined kurta and shalwar...
  6. Alhamdulillah i cleared my papers :) m so much relaxed and happy :)

  7. tomorrow is my ACCA result please pray for me guys...

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    2. arsii


      Thanks alot guys for praying i passed Alhamdulillah my both papers :) now one more to go then Inshallah i will be qualified:)

    3. arsii


      @rainbow thanks @emaad thanks @ flavia thanks @ sabah all of you thanks alot :)

    4. arsii


      @rainbow thanks @emaad thanks @ flavia thanks @ sabah all of you thanks alot :)

  8. arsii

    Attendence Time

    welcome back abha after such a long time :)
  9. arsii

    Allah Insaan Sey Fermata Hey……

  10. arsii

    Sehri And Iftar

    in iftar i had khajoor, samosas chicken rolls and fruit chart :) alhamdulillah and in sehri i usually have one paratha with one glass of milk :)
  11. arsii

    Sehri And Iftar

    nice one maano enjoy and offer thanks to Almighty allah :)
  12. arsii

    Ya Kia Sab Say .......

    awsome poetry :)
  13. arsii

    Welcome Back

  14. arsii

    Welcome Back

    yes amaad thanks for welcoming me yes surely i will be regular member now inshallah :)

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