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  1. sabaalyas

    Qibla Finder - Find Direction

    Qibla Finder - find direction. Get the most accurate Qibla direction with Qibla Compass for Namaz.The direction Qibla helps you to find the direction of Mecca with ease and access. The Qibla compass for namaz gives you the most accurate Kaba direction. The Qibla direction finder offers the highest function that really helps the Muslim. The Qibla compass is accessible from anywhere in the world. It gives you the freedom to find Mecca from all over the world. This means that it does not matter which area you are looking for in the Kibla direction. Obviously, the Qibla is obviously the most important to offer Namaz or prayer. The Namaz is no longer correcting, your Kibla direction is not correct. For the perfect offer of Payer or Namaz you should pay attention to exact Qibla direction or Kabah direction. In addition, it sometimes happens that you visit an unknown location or a foreign area. In this situation, you cannot find the Qibla direction because you are new to the area or place. The Qibla compass is the best solution in the above problems. Get the Qibla direction from around the world easily and quickly. Now give your prayer or Namaz perfect, check your Qibla direction and find the Kaba direction.
  2. sabaalyas

    Name On Birthday Cake

    Here you can write the name on birthday cake and birthday wishes and wish them all Write the name of your friend, relative on the birthday cake.Let's start by decorating the cakes with the names of your friends on the cake and decorating them with different fonts, colors and shapes.
  3. sabaalyas

    Sunset Photo Frame

    Time will never return, but time can be captured by turning a moment into a picture and decorating it with beautiful frames. These are incredible and impressive picture frames at sunset. You can record your beautiful memories of your photos in a different, beautiful and elegant way. Sunset Photo Frames is an amazing application to make your photos more beautiful. The sunset photo frame is easy to use, select your gallery picture or snapshot of your camera and use beautiful frames to make your picture more attractive and share it with your friends.
  4. 10 Ramadan-Inspired Recipes to Try This Week Saucy Skillet-Poached Eggs Falafel, Feta, and Tomato Salad Grape Raita Grilled Lamb Kufta Kebabs Tahini-Marinated Chicken Thighs with Cucumber-and-Tomato Salad Curried Cauliflower Salad with Yogurt Persian Rice-Stuffed Zucchini with Pistachios and Dill Roasted Pepper-Tomato Relish Quinoa-Cilantro Tabbouleh with Flake Salt Tah Dig (Persian Rice)
  5. sabaalyas

    Broken Screen on Touch

    Recommend application Real Broken Screen Prank downloaded the latest version of Crack Screen! Notwithstanding the verity that almost without doubt you did not appeal to him at first spectacle.The Broken Jokes Screen is a characteristic comic application used for mockery acquaintances. As soon as you lay a hand on the cell phone screen, the app imitate a cracked screen and a deafening splinter on your cellular phone The cellular phone also generates an authentic cracked screen for the tablets. The innovative sound of broken glass is worn.Enormous design Trouble-free to use. Broken Screen on Touch Download on Google Play
  6. Pakistani flag on face photo editor Independence Day allows you to jumble pakistani flag picture with your own photo.Independence Day, also known as Jashn-e-Azadi is a national holiday. Generally, many people commemorate this day with parades and fireworks. The Pakistani flag hanging is a way to celebrate the Independence Day. People often swathe their flags at home, in facade of their car or at their place of work. Supplementary ways to sling the flag are flag on face, pakistan flag on face, pak flag on face, pakistani flag on face, flag face painting paint your face with flag, flag face paint your face .face painting is very well-liked way to celebrate Jashn-e-Azadi. A design of the Pakistani flag on face show immense patriotism; there is also the possibility for non-eternal and washable finger color. Download Pakistani Face Flag Photo Editor Scheduling the wonderful Independence Day (Jashn-e-Azadi) ought to be a hassle free experience that you can commemorate without agonize Independence Day. Planning and doing your bases, you can meet with your family and friends and enjoy a Independence Day (Jashn-e-Azadi)
  7. sabaalyas

    Mehndi Designs Videos 2017

    A simple way to apply beautiful wedding mehndi is the premake models a brush can use. It is for beginners or for those who do not want to make mistakes. However, the end result will not be as refined as the freestyle hand.There are many sites that offer free video mehndi designs.A popular type of henna design is through henna cones that can be run. Henna cone, feathers are preferred for ink henna and mehndi pattern, if very delicate bride preferred. We need no artistic ability to create mehndi designs for girls. All you need is a little imagination and patience. In fact, mehndi designs are long established by the merging of forms such as direct algebraic curves twisted. Start with a simple form like a big problem, choosing a circle. Inflating there. The design can be done by hand or another part of the body. If you are new, it is best to put it on paper. Note that the dye henna and means removing difficult spots quickly dries. The task is as serious as a haircut. Once you are satisfied with the design on the paper, you can do one of two things. Draw the design and drawing use as a guide. Or use a carbon film to transfer the design of the mehndi skin. The first method is preferred because it allows you to get the right size easier. There are many mehndi artists who offer in terms of the models that are not as long as a variety, but also packages fabulous wedding mehndi designs bride mehndi that meet the needs of customers and fit well into the households wedding guests. Tie wedding mehndi as a mandatory detailed the need mehndi many locals plead as well as guests, or can be mehndi hand or both hands and legs connected together as there are other packages that are available. Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Mehndi Designs Videos
  8. Bubble shooter concept is simple. There are singular types of colored balls aligned, about 17 balls per row. There are usually 5-6 colors and the game begins with 19 rows of balls, random colors. The player has control over the shooter, which is a device that shoots. The player can use the wall to distract the ball to the right place. The ball must meet others of the same color balls. 3 balls of the same color make the balls disappear. Randomly in the game, a new set of pearls is added to the upper part and some trip. The goal is to get all the balls disappear.I give this game bubble shooter, bubble shooter 2016, bubble shooter games, bubble shooter 2017, bubble shooters games free, bubble games, play bubble shooter, coloured bubble matching games, bubble shooter full screen, puzzle bubble game, bubble shooter 2 unblocked, bubble shooter free download for android a 9/10. This game is simple but very addictive. The game has no time limit. You can play the game for hours on end. The game is beatable however extinguish, because as soon as a certain color, the color balls do not come. The game has a rating system. Every time you get a set of orbs to disappear or just shoot, you score points.It's not a high-tech game, and it's easy enough to understand how to play bubble shooter game. It is the kind of game that anyone can enjoy for a few minutes to play or more. You can get trapped in the bubble burst, trying to beat your last score on the board. The game is very relaxing and good for all. No need to read a book before you plays this simple shooter. You do not even have to cheat codes for this, it is not that difficult. If you are after something simple and attractive for a minute to play or two, or more, that is all. Everyone should try.Small children who just learn to play computer games will have a kick of popping bubbles and watching disappear. It's a way to keep older children's fun while getting some time on the computer as this game for kids. And for most people it is a clear advantage to play.Everyone needs downtime during the day, so the shooting bubble is there when you need it, even if you have a bad day at work. Take a few minutes to re-form and give the bladder a few rounds. It will take you back where you belong. Try to hit your last score and hit. The fun could not be easier. With Bubble Shooter it is the player to see if they want to beat the last round or just play shared play. Trigger bubbles. It is fun for all ages.Just occasionally a video game that brings something new to the table in terms of the attractive game. A game that has always been the test of time Bubble shooter.As with many other games of this genre, the game plays easy to accommodate and includes a few simple rules. The main plot of the "Bubble Shooter" is literally clear that the screen of bubbles, which are aligned and fixed vertically on the screen. Your objective is to remove a bubble color match game 2 or 3 identical bubbles to shoot this set. Bubble Shooter so addictive to play and provide lasting incentive. In addition to a lot of fun "bubble shooter" can also be sometimes annoyingly frustrating, especially if you get to the later stages of the difficulty of the game. As with all games of this type, on a lifetime it takes when you allow the screen is full with bubbles you start from scratch to this particular level. As the levels, you will discover that not only will the speed increase, but also blisters match becomes increasingly difficult.If you are looking for a kind of game that is easy to collect, affordable and widespread, and a kind of game Bubble Shooter is the right game for you. Bubble Shooter Game Free Download Full Version For Mobile★Match three bubbles or more of the matching color to explode!★Plenty of demanding puzzles! ★Wonderful Game Interface!★Download for Free!★Be Appropriate to All Android Devices
  9. The Real Guns Sounds application is not a weapon used to impairment humans as an alternative it bring into being sounds of various weapons. The application is only a sound embark that fabricates ,pistols, rifles,sniper rifles,M1911A1,M9,M500,AK-47,Famas,M4A1 etc gun sounds,gun sound games,gun sounds and reload, pistol sounds, machine gun sounds, all guns sounds, gun sounds and reloading guns, gun fire sound effect, guns sounds free via tapping buttons at the facade of your Smart-phone. The application isn't for eternity premeditated to prop up violent behavior because it mainly effectual gives the sounds of the weapons formulate your SmartphSmart-phonentertaining and exhilarating all the way through the Real Guns Sounds App.♣♣ Real Guns Sounds - The Ultimate Gun Soundboard Get it on Google Play ஜExtremely trouble-free and uncomplicated to use ஜ Striking guns graphics ஜHigh eminence gun sounds
  10. Compressing a file is obligatory if you have a large file, with content and momentous images. If a large file needs to be sent by e-mail, it may cause problems loading the file because of its size. Therefore, the e-mail software can reject file downloads. If the file is compressed or compressed to a smaller size, you can simply send it. The software frequently used to compress a file is winzip, winrar, winzip for android free, winzip rar archiver, rar extractor, zip and rar extractor for android, rar zip file extractor, rar for android, winzip rar for android free, win rar file extractor, zip file reader, winzip winrar, 7zip,unzip files zip rar 7z tar,7zipper,unzip tool, winzip file open app, easy rar unrar zip unzip.WinZip is a utility that lets you compress the file compression to a smaller size.The software interface; it is easy to use the compression process in minutes and leads. Here is a look at the steps taken when ultimate files with winzip: • Open winzip application. • Click on the compress,button to create a new file. • Enter the destination of the .zip file in the "file name" and click ok. Select the file to be compressed. •Click the stipulate button and create the 7z, tar, zip file with password functionality. File compression is indispensable for the well-organized use of disk space on the hard drive and also that the file to ensure can be sent quickly by e-mail. Large files can be thorny to handle and can be damaged. Shrinking it will be easier to handle.Winzip for android free is a powerful application and the whole concluding process can come to pass in a few minutes.Easy Rar Unrar Zip Unzip Tool 2017 Get it on Google Play
  11. Makeup Tools Beauty Tools and Makeup Accessories
  12. The Best Android Smartphones Of 2016
  13. sabaalyas

    Cutest Cupcakes Ever!

    Cutest Cupcakes Ever!!!
  14. sabaalyas

    Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

    Best kitchen gadgets for food lovers kitchen gadgets that makes your life easier
  15. How to walk in heels - Like a model - High heels shoes

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