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  1. Happy Birthday To you Nina.

  2. Time Wen U Wokeup 2day

    06:30 am
  3. Ajj Subha Kis Ka Face Dekha ...

    I saw my mom's face :P as usual which is always nice
  4. Your Current Mood?

    Numbed. I am naive and honest person, people use it against u!
  5. I Am Back :d

    guys it's nice to see you. Rukh - Nice to see you dear. I remember in old days i made a lil avatar for u hehehe .. anyways. How's life? Mansoor - hey, how are you doing? What's new?
  6. salaam guys, sorry for not replying to any of u. I have been a lot busy. I am fine and doing good hope u guys are also doing good in ur lives. tk

  7. I Am Back :d

    Hey guys, it's been aweful long time since i visit this website and forums .. how's everyone and i dnt see many old members on the community left around anymore. Guess everyone busy with their own life .. that's how it is. anyways moving on .. i have recently talked to the admin of the forum and guess there is nothing new regarding members or forums anymore .. most of them have got married and have kids :P man time fliess... so leave a msg and update what's new .. dead or alive.. wasalam
  8. hello and salam :)

  9. Eid Mubarak NINA :)

  10. welcome back again in coolyarforums :)

  11. hey where r u gone since last few months?

  12. Attendence Time

  13. Happy Birthday Ramz

    Belated Happy Birthday Ramz .. hope you enjoyed your day! How did you celebrate it? TK
  14. Belated Happy Birthday ..! :)
  15. Thank Waqas, I will try my best. It was weekend (luckily) therefore it was easier for me to sit on net for a while ..in weekdays i simply have no time for net .. though will inshAllah try to fit it in my schedule ...!! Thx again for wishing... TK