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  1. yap! currently for Lahore ! but we required reporters from nationalwide .. so thats why i didt mention City :)
  2. Auditions for Newscasting/Anchor Person for News Channel going to be held On 16 October 2009 4:00pm to 6:00Pm for Detail Call to [Mr.Fraz 0300-4502239, 0321-4873382 B/W 12 pm to 6 pm ] Or send your resume @ sadia.009@gmail.com Thanks , Regards Sadia Liaqat Manager HR DMG
  3. *jadoo*

    Attendence Time

  4. *jadoo*

    ~*~ Sharafat K Saath~*~,

    Main itna Late kase ayee...shrafat ke Sath ... hahah
  5. *jadoo*

    Guess.....below U

    Next will be Manoooo
  6. *jadoo*

    Designed Poetry

    Kool t
  7. *jadoo*


  8. *jadoo*

    5 Words Game

    Tashu you copy my icon
  9. *jadoo*

    Funny Unusual Human

  10. *jadoo*

    Guess.....below U

    WRONG : Next will be Manoo
  11. *jadoo*

    Ghussay Main Kiya Kartay Hain...?

    Allah Bari Seriouse disscusion chal rahe hai kher Hum tu guseee main chup kar jayte hain.....Yh... sab chezee toor dayte hain..... its depend on mood na...
  12. *jadoo*

    Guess.....below U

    Yape its me...... next will be.. hmmmmm hmm WAQAS
  13. *jadoo*

    Guess.....below U

    No..It Jadoo Here Maliha may be the next one
  14. *jadoo*

    Attendence Time

  15. hi Duhk ! Wish u a very Happy Birthday naa Allah bless you Have a Fun

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