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  1. Write A Shair Daily

    Judai uski itni Ajeeb thi... na Safar ka rahey na Watan ka
  2. Admin, Mods Attention Plz

    thank youu thank you,, is kripiya k liye bht bht dhannewaad hazooor :) bdw itna itna bhi bura behave nhi kia tha :P anyhw thnx again ab ma azaad hoon ;) tc
  3. What Was U Doing?

    salary ckeck le k arha hu :D
  4. Admin, Mods Attention Plz

    waqas bhai n all others mods,, yaaro ab to is nacheez ko unbaan kar do yaar,, kab se bann hu,,:( koi sifarash bhi nhi karta ,,, esa bhi kia bura kia tha yar ma na,,, :( memebers!! ap log bhi samjaen inhen plz
  5. Attention Plzz, Specially Mods

    i want to ask MODs plz, i was banned in chat room , i dont know why, i diint talk dirty there, ddnttalk loose, ddint abuse anyone, i just talked frankly wd ppl and that was also within limits, coz i m pakistani and i know waht kinda talk we should do with ppl specially with girls, so why these MOds banned me? was it bcz of that i was new there and tried to get involv among u as a frnd??? maliah i think it was u who bann me,, smiling, ramz, parishay, some other good chatters were also there. ok if i hurt someone's feelings there, then i m sorry. but i know i ddnt make any mistake ther.