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  1. Happy Birthday 2 u

  2. happy birthday 2 u..........

  3. sibtainz

    Some Interesting Questions

    1.Coolyar ki boring girl? amber15 2.Coolyar ka boring boy? amaan 3.Coolyar ki ajeeb si larki? zaini 4.Coolyar ka ajeeb sa larka? tanha 5.Coolyar ki chupo girl?(jo chup rehti ho ya rehta ho) deep_eyees 5.Coolyar ka chupo boy? waqas 7.Coolyar ki heroine girl? hmmmmmmmmmm...............khans r the best..................parishay khan and maliha khan 8.Coolyar ka hero boy? far...........armaghan 9.Coolyar ka chipko larka?(jo piche hi par jata hey ya par jati hey) pong.....ramz 10.Coolyar ki chipko girl? soniapari03 chipko with modiators and admin...........
  4. hey salam how r u????happy birthday 2 u

  5. hey soni kurri happy birthday 2 u

  6. hey happy birthday 2 u

  7. hey happy birthday 2 u

  8. hey happy birthday 2 u

  9. hey happy birthday 2 u.

  10. salam annie.how r u???Happy birthday 2 u.

  11. Happy Birthday 2 u:-)

  12. Wishing you all the fun and excitement that only birthdays can bring, Happy Birthday.

  13. happy birthday to u kalash


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