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  1. Hi Guyzz.... So let us know wht u will do after going offline...?? Aur mujhe sab kay replies chahiyay everyday...jo bhi online aye yahan zaroor reply karay offline janay say pehlay.... WARNAAAA... well warna main kuch kar tu sakti nhi...dhamki tu day hi sakti ho na... ok sab a kar entry lagain plz
  2. Maano

    Human Soul

  3. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that some people only enter your life as a temporary happiness. Nothing good lasts forever.

    1. daineee



  4. Maano

    Song Of The Moment....

    Well hello there CY forum world! Long time no see... I am not sure if there is already a similar topic, but I am driving to work right now and this song just came on the radio which just suits this moment... (wish I could work from home) Work from Home by Fifth Harmony, featuring Ty Dolla $ign So this is my song of the moment guys...now it's your turn to post what song you are listening to at the moment!
  5. Maano

    ~*~ Dil Kar Raha Hai K ~*~

    Dil kar raha hai koi achi si old movie dekhon but its almost 3 a.m.!
  6. Maano

    Love Attitude Number

    Seven Your love nature is thoughtful, poetic, mystical and mysterious. A few people with love attitude number seven are class clowns, and they usually attract guys/gals who like to be given a hard time. But most of you are the quiet, reserved types who dislike calling attention to yourself. Your type generally attracts guys who feel the same way you do. Your refined, independent and secretive nature is very alluring to certain guys/gals. At times you can also be somewhat fault finding and a little demanding in your love relationship and with friends. You are mostly attracted to guys/gals who aren't like all the rest; a loner easily attracts you. And, if he/she reads a lot and enjoys learning, he/she is especially perfect for you. Hmmmmm I would say about 50% is true....
  7. Maano

    Your Current Mood?

  8. Maano

    Happy Bday Waqas Bro :)

    Very very happy returns of the day Uncle jee TREAT!!!!!
  9. Maano

    ~ Words Ending With "ing" ~

    Assalaam o alaikum logoooo ... Is game main aap ko woh words share karney hain jin k end main "ING" aataaa hoo ... samajh gai na sab?? tou shuru kareinnn ferrrr
  10. Maano

    Happy Wedding Rainbow :)

    hehe jab ap jaisa paitooo friend ho tu kanjoos hona parta hai warna tu banda kangaal hi ho jai
  11. Maano

    Happy Wedding Rainbow :)

    Love you too Rainbow....hamesha khush raho.... jeez now i sound like a budhi amma....lol @Waqas: aik tu ap har waqt dawat ke peechay paray rehtay ho.... rainbow inko shadi ka bacha howa food courier kar de khush ho jainge....
  12. Maano

    Lahore Pictures

  13. Maano

    Missing Someone At Da Moment.?,

  14. Maano

    Aap Is Waqt Kya Sooch Rahy Hain?

    soch rahi hon ke itna sochna bhi acha nhi...lol
  15. Six letters, two words, easy to say, hard to explain, harder to do: Move On.

  16. Maano

    Guess.....below U

  17. Maano

    Hnsna Mana Hy....

    lol funny post shweetu
  18. Maano

    Guess.....below U

    asmano tapi sida aithay
  19. Maano

    Guess.....below U

    next Shweetu
  20. Maano

    Snow! :d

    Here u go everyone! I took some pics of the first snow we had couple of days ago! Ab tak tu melt ho gai :( it wasn't much but everything looked lovely covered in white! Enjoy!
  21. Maano


    hmmm nice info Shy! however, I think im gona have to agree with sobe here... I dun blv tht ur eye color reflects ur personality ... take the description for blue eyes for example: "It has been noted that the blue eyed people mostly have long lasting relationships" - i mean comon...most white ppl have blue eyes ... and also the highest divorce rate... but the info was still fun to read...thnx for sharing!
  22. Maano

    Selena Gomez Songs

    Another one of the many songs I have been addicted to since the last couple of days....ne one else listen to her songs? Theres gona be an advertisement in the beginning...just wait for the song
  23. Maano

    Congratulations Rainbow!

    Congratulations to our favorite, most chulbuly member of CY on her ENGAGEMENT!!! I am soooo happy for you babes! May Allah (swt) Bless you and your to-be hubby with lots of love and happiness, Ameen!!! To all those who have been asking me where she is...she wanted me to let you all know tht she will be back soon InshAllah...
  24. Maano

    Cy Members ...

    mujhe tu apni pic ke emotion ki samajh hi nhi ai Shweeto.... zara explain tu kar do...

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