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  1. mehak_ali

    True Lovers

    true love nice joke
  2. Eid Mubarak. anti g :)

  3. mehak_ali

    Question For Every One?

    mere khayal se ansoo saaf kerne wala ziyada qareeb hota hai bcoz aus ne jab app ka saath diya jab app bauhat udass thay buray waqt main jo saath de real main woh insaan ziyada qareeb hota hai dil k
  4. mehak_ali

    Missing Someone At Da Moment.?,

    my smile
  5. mehak_ali

    We Are Hiring

    hmmmmmmmmmmm theek faraz RJ banna hai kya hehhehehhe
  6. mehak_ali

    We Are Hiring

    yeh lhr walon k liye hai sirf
  7. mehak_ali

    A " Strong " Woman Vs A Woman Ov " Strength "

    very nice amaya sis
  8. mehak_ali

    Inner Ego

    very nice amaan i like ur post n specially this sentance mostly people judge any one by their outer appearance
  9. mehak_ali

    What Is The Second Name Of Love?

    nayab bhai app tu poet ban gaye hain khair tu hai na
  10. mehak_ali

    What Is The Second Name Of Love?

    second name of love is faith n faith is for ever second name of love is care and understanding without saying any thing
  11. mehak_ali

    "sheeshay Ke Samne"

    main ne mirror dekh k kaha madam ajj app achi lag rahi hain hhhehheh
  12. hhehehhe isi dunya main hoon kam kam ati net pe bas

  13. where are you gone? please come back to coolyar.

  14. mehak_ali

    My Love Is Where You Are

    Today's the day People officially say "I love you dear" But you're not here. How many times And how many lines Did we write each other Professing our love to one another? This year is no exception, I have no misconseptions. Even though we're not together My heart's with you forever. We've been apart so long And still we hear our song. Like the stars in the sky Some feelings never die. You tell me that you love me And I'm your destiny.No matter what... My Love is Where You Are Well ... all I know Is that I still want you so. ! So once again I'll say- No matter who... no matter how far My Love is Where You Are
  15. mehak_ali

    Never Give Up

    One day a young lady was driving along with her father. They came upon a storm, and the young lady asked her father, What should I do?" He said "keep driving". Cars began to pull over to the side, the storm was Getting worse. "What should I do." The young lady asked? "Keep driving," her father replied. On up a few feet, she noticed that eighteen wheelers were also pulling over. She told her dad, "I must pull over, I can barely see ahead. It is Terrible, and everyone is pulling over!" Her father told her, "Don't give up, just keep driving!" Now the storm was terrible, but she never stopped driving, and soon she Could see a little more clearly. After a couple of miles she was again on Dry land, and the sun came out. Her father said, "Now you can pull over and get out." She said "But why now?" He said "When you get out, look back at all the people that gave up and are Still in the storm, because you never gave up your storm is now over. This is a testimony for anyone who is going through "hard times". Just because everyone else, even the strongest, gives up. You don't have To...if you keep going, soon your storm will be over and the sun will shine Upon your face again.

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