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  1. tanha

    Your Current Mood?

    SALAMZ EVERYONE KASY HO SUB WOWW NEW CHANGEING IN SITE BUT WHERE IS chating option :( and mood is very bad hows everyone hows everyone life going?????????????????
  2. tanha

    Back Agin:)

    hahaha waqas bhai aksy hain ab kaha tanha tanha :P
  3. tanha

    Back Agin:)

    ohhjh hello shweeto yah back ker rahi yah kuut laga rahi tumm .. baki sub userss ko be jqgaaoooooooo jo be jag rahy hain yaha aty hain plz rply me on my post
  4. tanha

    Back Agin:)

    salamz guys umeed hy sub thek thak hogy or life be fit chal rahi hogi... busy life ky baadfinaly am here ... appp sub suers jo yahan aty hain oun sy request hy please join chat room as well.... thanks
  5. bhula dana mujhy hy alvida tujhy tujhy jena hy mery bena am back:P

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    2. sho_shweet


      ALHAMDOLILAH me to theek thaak hun... aap k sir pe chot to nai i jo CY ka rasta yad a gya :p

    3. tanha


      uff kia bataooo shweet mai padi;la chal raha tha taiz andhii aye or per barish or mujhy cv yaad agaya

    4. sho_shweet
  6. aj ki rat per nhi hogi yah mulawat per nhi hogi asy badal to per be aye gy per yah barsat per nhi hog:(

  7. hay guyssssssssssssssss

    1. sho_shweet


      aye hayeee guyssss... punch z back :P

  8. do pal ka khowabo ka karwa per tum kahan hum kaha...

  9. AWsum raining wheather .... enjoying in rof with cup of hot coffe .......:)

    1. sho_shweet


      yahan b hy,,,:)

  10. kal last paper yupppiiiiiiii

  11. buSY IN exmas:(

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    2. Maliha khan

      Maliha khan

      Best of Luck :)

    3. maleeha_shahid
    4. sho_shweet


      hmmm,,,jo maliha ny kaha wohi,,,:P best ov luck,,:)

  12. salamZzZ DIL WALoO

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    2. sabah


      pehle apne pass dil rakho pher dosro dil walo ku salam kahna

    3. Maliha khan

      Maliha khan

      U download the software?>

    4. sho_shweet


      w slaam gurdy walo:P

  13. my radio nshow coming soon

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    2. Maliha khan

      Maliha khan

      M impatiently waiting for that to be active again :)

    3. sparkss


      *waiting* :)

    4. sho_shweet




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