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  1. tina1

    Naughty Cats...:)

    Awwwww so coochie!
  2. tina1

    Old Member Comeback :]

    Awww, thanks <3
  3. tina1

    Designer Outfits

    So prettyy!
  4. tina1

    Happy Birthday Admin

    Happppyy belated Birthday Waqas bhai I'm very late, but i haven't been very internet active at all :\ I should have wished you on fb but I was busy with midterms ... apologies!
  5. tina1

    Mobile Tunes

    iPhone's default :)
  6. tina1

    Malaysia Pictures

    Malaysia is beautiful!
  7. I'm a very old member of this forum but I have not been active for a long while. I plan on using and keeping up with this forum once again. For those who remember me, HELLO! I'm back, older and maturer .. haha I do understand that there are tons of new members on here as well. So, hello to you all and hopefully I can get to no the newbees a little bit better.
  8. tina1

    Game Without "a",

    apo jee u used a :P ummmmm wuz up
  9. tina1

    How bad are you?

    how our we supose to do it:S id onnt get it :P
  10. tina1

    Take & Give

    i will give u a flower
  11. tina1

    Mohabbat In Your Words

    waist of time
  12. tina1

    Word Game

  13. tina1

    Word Game In Urdu

    Lamha :S

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