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    *~* Nayea Sal *~*

    Naye SaaL ki Pehli Kiran ! Jab tum us k darwazay per dastak do To itna usay kehna K intizar k deep jalaye Sirf Tumhain yaad rakhay Aur baqi sab bhulaye Koye ab bhi Aas ka daaman thamay Tumahri Raah Tak Raha Hay....!!! chalo zindagi may ik baar phir naya saal aaya pata nahee meri zindagi ka urooj ya zawal aaya kis ki chaahat may guzar gaya yeh poora saal mera anjaanay say maray dil may ik shakhs ka khayal aya kisi kay dil may aayee hogi aarzo marnay ki bhi magar meri laboo pay khuda say jeenay ka sawal aaya kafi nahee tha ronay kaliay guzra hoa saal kay ab us ki yad may ronay kaliay ik aur saal aya gham mat karo chalti rahay gi aisay hi yeh dunya jab tak kay KAMRAN ko bhi mot ka zawal aaya.
  2. anabia

    *~*words Can't Define Feelings*~*

    *What a green feild feels seeing RAINY CLOUDS! *What a mother feels looking her baby just after birth? *What a father feels when his son hugs him & says , " I LOVE YOU"? *What a sister feels when her brother says , "SORY FOR HIS MISTAKE"? *what a girl feels when her hand is held tightly by the one she love on a cold winter night walk! *What a lover feel when after a huge fight his lover message saying, " I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT U!" *What a FRIEND feels when he is all alone with many mishapes in his life and friend says, "I am with u na yaar" *"WORDS" CANT'T DEFINE THESE FEELLINGS BUT ITS ONLY "LOVE" THAT CONNECT US ALL"
  3. anabia

    ~~*~Good Relationship~*~

    ::GOOD RELATIONSHIP:: *Good relationship is like "NEEDLES OF CLOCK" *Tied in the same clock,but unable to meet for long. *They meet only for sometime but always stay connected.
  4. anabia

    *~*book Of Freindship*~*

  5. What does your birth month says about you???? Well, my birth Month is DECEMBER and whats ur I am sure u gonna read this with smiling
  6. If you love someone because you think that he or she is really gorgeous... then it's not love.. it's - Infatuation. .. If you love someone because you think that you shouldn't leave him because others think that you shouldn't... then it's not love.. it's - Compromise.. . If you love someone because you think that you cannot live with out his touch.... then it's not love.. it's - Lust... If you love someone because you have been kissed by him... then it's not love.. it's - Inferiority Complex... If you love someone because you cannot leave him thinking that it would hurt his feelings.. then it's not love.. it's - Charity... If you love someone because you share every thing with him... then it's not love.. it's - Friendship.. . but if you feel the pain of the other person more than him even when he is stable and you cry for him.. that's - LOVE...
  7. anabia

    *~*be A Child*~*

    When we say… "We'll never get those days back"… There is something uncomfortable going on, inside our hearts… Childhood… Where have we lost it??? Be a Child...
  8. anabia

    *~*mr Jinah Vs Gandhi*~*

    Mr Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a straight forward person and used to say harsh and to the point things to Gandhi. Followers of Gandhi once asked him, "Mr Jinnah is very outspoken and tell you whatever he likes, why don't you reply him in the same manners"" Gandhi replied " I hear from one ear and take out from another ear" Followers of Mr Jinnah informed him about Gandhi's remarks Mr Jinnah replied " This is only possible when in between the both ears nothing exists"
  9. میرے پُرکھوں کی پہلی دعا رات کی کوکھ سے صبح کی ایک ننھی کرن نے یوں جنم لیا شب نےننھی شفق کی گلابی حسین مُٹھیاں کھول کر کچھ لکیریں پڑھیں اور صبا سے نا معلوم چپکے سے کیا کہہ دیا یوں کے شبنم کی آنکھ سے آنسو بہے اک ستارہ ہنسا چاندنی مسکراتی ہوئی چل پڑی اور نفاست سے پہلو بدلتے ہوئے چونک کر میری ماں نے بہت شوق سے کچھ اشارہ کیا آہٹوں اور سرگوشیوں میں کسی نے کہا آہ لڑکی ہے یہ اتنی افسُردہ آواز، میرے خدا میری پہلی سماعت پر لکھی گئی میری پہلی ہی سانسوں میں گھولا گیا ان شکستہ لمحوں کا زہریلا پن آہ لڑکی ہے، آہ لڑکی ہے، لڑکی ہے اس کی قسمت کی دعا مانگو اب بھی میری سماعت پہ لکھی ہے وہ میرے پُرکھوں کی پہلی دعا
  11. anabia

    ****<<<<Anabia's Collections>>>>

    Be khawab Lamhon Ka Paristaar Kon Tha Itni Udass Raat Main Bedaar kon Tha, Kis ko Yeh fikar thi k muhabat main kya hua Hum is pe larr rahy thay k Wafadar kon tha, So kashtiyan jala ke chaly sahilon say Hum Ab tum ko kiya batayain ke us Paar kon tha, Yeh Faisla to shayad waqat bhe na kar sakay Sach kon Bolta tha,Adakaar kon tha ? ? ? ? ?
  12. ~*~ASLAM ALEKUM~*~

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      walikumasalam wc anabia

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      walekum Aslam wc Anabia

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      walikum asalam& wc baby

  13. anabia

    ~*~ Hero Of The Week*~*

    ASLAM ALEKUM, I was started the topic "Personality of the week " one week before.I will post every week new personality here INSHAALLAH. Due to the "DEFENCE DAY OF PAKISTAN",personality of the week is Maj.Raja Aziz Bhatti Shahed(Neshan-e-Haider). I hope u like it. Thanks
  14. Aslam Alekum main coolyar hamesha k ley chor k ja rhe hon.Mera Coolyar se Aur yahan k kise bhe member se koe taluq nhe hai.And Khuda k ley Hoorian Ap mjhe koe msg nhe kare gai Ap rahe yahan ap post kare ap ko koe jane k ley nhe khe ga.plz waqas bhai in ko yahe rhne dai .But remind one thing mjhe koe msg karne k zarorat nhe hai aur m n ap k yeh complain nhe k ap larka ho.Aj k bad mjhe koe msg karne k zarorat nhe hai samjhe ap jo koe bhe ho.I demn care about it Allah Hafiz
  15. anabia

    Leaving From Cool Yar

    No waqas bhai its my final decision.plz remove my ID from cy as soon as possible yah ap mjhe bata dai k kese karte hai m khud kr dete ho,mujh par bhot ehsan ho ga ap ka.Aur mjhe koe parwah nhe k kon yah rhta hai aur kon nhe.mere life mushkil ban gae hai plz khuda k ley ap yah mjhe ban kr dai yah mere id remove kar dai. Hoorin raza k main n bann nhe karwawe jis n karwaea plz Hoorian ap k aur us k masla mjhe involve na kare bhot mehrbani ho ge ap ke.Mere wajah se kese ko koe taklef hoe to plz mjhe maf kar dai
  16. Women In Men's Life!!!!! So keep Respect to all WOMEN arround you
  17. anabia


    Zabardast Amaan
  18. Happy Birthday ReflectioN May Flowers Always Line Your Path, And Sunshine Light Your Day. May Song Birds Serenade You, Every Step Along The Way. May a Rain Bow Run Beside You, In a Sky That Is Always Blue. And May Happiness Fill Your Heart, Each Day Your Whole Life Through. May Your Thoughts be As Glad as The Shamrocks, May Your Heart be As Light As a Song. May Each day Bring You Bright, Happy Hours. That Stay With You all The Year along !
  19. anabia

    Two Hearts Are One

    Thanks Amaan
  20. anabia

    Two Hearts Are One

    ~ Two Hearts Are One ~   Edge of the world Our paths now will meet Hearts are rejoicing Journey complete   Silence in words Two hearts that now bind Eyes filled with magic Love has been kind           Give me your hand In unspoken prayer Hold me forever One heart two now share Waiting so long For journey with you Landscape is filled with Footsteps of two
  21. WHAT CAN GIVE THE GIFT ! ! ! ! ! ! * To your friend - loyalty * To your enemy - forgiveness; * To your boss - service; * To a child - a good example; * To your parents - gratitude and devotion; * To your mate - love and faithfulness;
  22. anabia

    Love And Time

    Thanks Amaan & Shahabi

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