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  1. Asalamualikum! Many Many H@ppy returns of the INDEPENDENCE D@Y OF our great motherland,PAKISTAN. may Allah lead us to a straight path and in right direction. It is a great honour for us that we take a breaths as we want to bcz we are a person of Free Country. Love Pakistan!Pakistan Zindabad Mohammed Shahab Anwar.


    ASALAMUALIKUM!!!! friend is a beautiful gift from ALLAH ALMIGHTY...so if u have a best friend then never lose that gift which is gifted by Great Ruller. once a person to Hazrat Sheikh Saedii!!!! whats the difference b/w friend and brother..Hazrat sb.repied with smile,,it's very simple....friend is DIAMOND and brother is GOLD... the man was surprised to hear this answer...when Hazrat sb.found him stunned...then said it's simple gentle man,,,,,,when GOLD is broken it can exactly be reshape by melting...same when brother is got anger he can be convienced again,,,when a single scratch appears on the DIAMOND ten it losses its value same wise when ur friend got anger in any matter then.........it's not fair....... Thank You!!!!!

    *** Time When U Slept Last Night ***

    har gal na pocheya karo yaaro......

    *** What U Saw In Dream Last Night ***

    kash ap logon ki bhabhe khawab ma nazar a jay....roz yahi soch ka sota hon..........

    *** Say Good.... ****

    say GOOD NIGHT

    *** Hows U Spent Ur Time Today ***

    with jigar shahabi n in chill.com

    Time Wen U Wokeup 2day

    i woke up at 11:45am,Allah ka shukar hai mast nend aye aaj

    Your Current Mood?

    LUSH PUSH chill.com pursukoon.com

    Attendence Time

    Asalamualikum! Labbaik(ma hazir hon janab mr CY)
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    CY Awardz 2009 1) Fav Toppic from Guftugu Section Maa ka 8 jhoot 2) Best Toppic From Shair-O-Shaire December k nam 3) Best Toppic From Images Gallary Malaysia Pictures 4) Fav Member Male Shahabi 5) Fav Member Female Rabeel 6) Fav New Commer Male Shahabi 7) Fav NEw Commer Female Amaya 8) Most Funniest Member Male nadir 9) Most Funniest Member Female parishay 10) Best Nick of 2009 Rust in peace 11) Fav Jori Of CY emaad & KHSA 12) Most Helping Member Waqas 13) Most Active Member Shahabi Amaya 14) Best Toppic Strater Zaini 15) Creative Member Decent-A 16) Toppic Of The Year 2009 CY member album 17) Best Blog Zaini's Blog 18) CY Achievement Award 2009 Zaini Awardz from CY Chat 19) Best Mod emaad 20) Best Member ( Woh member jo kabhi banned na hau ho, jo Peaceful ho, active ho) Shahabi
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  12. The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.


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