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  1. Happy Birthday TO YOU Zeeshan :)

  2. welcome back to cy :)

  3. congratz for completing one year in coolyar.

  4. awaa aj ma shani mani on line aya tha wow wow

  5. M leaving CY for good due to unavoidable circumstances....Thankx to All for there love n care ....May Allah Bless U All

  6. Xeeshan


    Superb collection ,Excellent sharing .......2nd,5th,9th,14th n 15th number waali RINGS r V BEAUTIFUL ....n TEMPTING TOO....
  7. Xeeshan

    Poverty-hit mother poisons 4 kids in Lahore

    Ya Allah reham farma humaray Pakistan per aur us k halaat per......leaders humaray bhi koi ghairat khain ...hadd bhi hoti hai bardaasht kee....Ik Maa yeh kadam beybassi aur muflassi mai hee uthaati hai,Allah hee behtar jaantay hain is Maa k dil k halaat-o-jazbaat ko...Its extreme of beybassi....Dont know wat else to say ..... Like-wise incident took place on Fathers Day in Pakistan,when two young boys insisted their father that they wanted milk to drink,but that poor father,had no money to buy milk n he commited suicide...Ya Allah hidayat day hum sab ko n humaray ghatyia leaders ko .......I must say,if common people can re-instate Chief Justice on his seat against all odds n against external pressures....THAN THESE PEOPLE CAN THROW OUT ANYONE SITTING ON HIS/HER SEAT in the PARLIAMENT or PRESIDENTIAL office.....Allah bhi un qaumon ki madad nahi farmatay jo Qaumain apni madad aap nahi kertein.....
  8. Xeeshan

    Pictures You May Have Never Seen Before

    SUPERB PICS ......sure is new stuff PRINCE .....OUTCLASS...
  9. I love listening to Lies, when I KNOW the TRUTH

  10. kuch yadoon ka kuch lamhoon ka mousam tehar jata ha jana

  11. hmm tu aj janab ayie they

  12. Xeeshan

    Two Scenario.....tell The Truth

    (3) Will reason out wth her y she said so.....????
  13. Xeeshan

    ... The Woman In Your Life ...

    Hmmmm......so true,v nice n highly thought provoking.......
  14. ♥ Happy Valentine's Day♥ to u Rabeel....


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