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  1. Charmer

    Quake Shakes South Asia

    There is some significance beyond this disaster; we must know what Allah wants us to conceive. May Allah bless us.
  2. Charmer

    Wish You Were Here

  3. Happy Birthday Tashu :flower: :flower:
  4. Charmer

    Happy Birthday Raiha

    Happy Birthday Raiha :flower: :flower:
  5. Charmer

    Ramadan Mubarak!

    Aslamoalaikum Ramadan Mubarik to every one May Allah bless u with the best things of this holy month. Ammen.
  6. Charmer

    Bachelor's Schedule...

  7. Charmer

    Ur Habitz!

    My best habit >> to keep my dignity elevated n be within my limits. My worst habit>> not to trust anyone n to be egoist.
  8. Charmer

    Aaj Kal Ke Bhikarii

    very true and it is showing one of the worst aspects of our society.
  9. Charmer


  10. Charmer

    I Hate Sleeping

    nice thoughts Nina; aur aajkal raat soney kay liye thora hi hoti hei; saari raat beth kar parhna hota hei, assignments aur projects complete kareney hotey hein, test ki tayari karna hoti hei, aur aadhi raat tak ullo ki tarha net per online rehne hota hei na din mein to in sab kaamon kay liye time nahin milta life is damn busy, raat ko bhi kaam, din ko bhi kaam, kaam kaam aur sirf kaam ohhh Im getting frustrated :( kiya raat soney kay liye hoti hei???
  11. Charmer

    Your Current Mood?

    :D :P
  12. Charmer

    My Shadi

    hmmm very good couple!! Happy Marriage rythm
  13. Charmer


    really fantastic place!!
  14. Charmer

    > try this

    Cured injuries
  15. Charmer

    Ek Aise Mussanif Ke Naam Jo Dukh Pe Likhta Hey...

    it's marvelous Kashmiyan, I like Fakhira Jabeen's writtings, she depicts emotional life n reality in such an arresting style.

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