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    Colours & Ur Personality

    Colours and ur personality features the clothes u wear, the mobile u have, the footwear u r wearing, the car u drive, ur wallet, ur college bag and ur jewelry they all are of some colour. U choose things for urself which r of ur fav colours, Don’t u? Do u know how ur fav colours indicate ur idiosyncrasy? Ur fav colours show many things about u that can be understood by those ppl who have colour’s knowledge. Let us see how colours demonstrate ur qualities; White: Colour of saints and angels, is a holy colour, shows peace (it may be peace of mind, peace of life etc.) ppl who like white colour r cool-minded, peaceful, enduring and composed. It’s really fantastic colour and somewhat mysterious. They r far-seeing and think in extreme depth of things. Though some ppl don’t consider it a colour umm, it has three major shades; pearl white, crystal white and oyster white. Grey: It’s a colour of gloomy passion and dim lifestyle. Ppl who like grey colour like to remain alone and quiet. They r sulky (sullen) and mostly unsociable. But they r very tolerant and self-possessed. Hmm and they r very thoughtful ( har waqt sochtey rehtey hein) Black: black colour is a mysterious colour ppl who want to show their selves mysterious and unique they use black colour most of all. Black colour also indicates protest and need of protection, this is what, Khawaateen use black scarf, shawl, and burquah for pardah most of all, there is a psyche of being protected in black colour (girls feel it right). Besides black colour is very graceful and sober, is not to show off. Blue: blue colour is a we see most of all, as colour of sky, it has many cool cool shades such as, sky blue, Azure, royal blue, ice blue, navy blue, electric blue, turquoise, baby blue, pastel blue etc. Ppl who like sky blue r broad-minded, open-hearted, unprejudiced and sometimes great, like great sky. Ppl who like navy blue colour r very decent, civilized and well mannered. On the whole ppl who like blue colour r much reasonable in their behavior, they think positively and give good suggestion and ideas… They r very caring for their friends and family. Green: another cool colour, colour of nature as colour of grass and trees, It is third colour which is found naturally on this earth (more than other colours) first one is White, second is Blue, third is green and forth is brown, colour of soil and sand. Green colour’s most common shades r sea green, emerald green, sea green, Martian green, chartreuse, avocado green, moon green, light green (custard green), mint green, army green….. Persons who like green colour love nature and natural things, they r optimistic, idealist (not much practical in their life), they r free from greed of wealth and honor, and lead their life in a simple way. Red: Red colour is a hot colour, one of fire colours, colour of blood and colour of life. Red is much romantic, that’s y ppl give red roses to their beloveds, red colour shows full interest in life and love, it is excited n thrilled n full of joy n extremely affectionate. Red colour’s shades r hot red, deep red, blood red, neon red, scarlet, ruby red, regal red…. Ppl who like hot red and neon red colour r very jolly and cherrful, they like thrill and hala gula in life. Rarely do they get depressed; they believe that “life should be spent in joy”. Ppl who like red & deep red they r romantic, lively, very loving and caring. They get excited easily and get angry more easily. Yellow: another colour of fire, yellow colour has two aspects, one is passive and unsociable and other is full of warmth and friendly. Yellow colour that is colour of sun and sunlight signifies “life” as life can't be exist without sun (sunlight). Ppl who like yellow colour r either so hopeful or totally hopeless. They r unprejudiced, they r active and always have their own ways to follow. Sometimes they prove to be selfish. Brown: It has many different shades; mud brown, chocolate brown, skin brown, sand brown, hazel, walnut, reddish brown… Ppl who like brown colour r very loyal, patriot and hard workers. They r orthodox and in some matters, backward and narrow-minded (if they have negative qualities of this colour) otherwise they r very visionary. Pink: it’s a soft and lovely colour, having many nice shades, such as peach, dusty pink, tropical pink, hot pink, deep pink, faded pink, baby pink… It indicates love, emotions and care. Ppl who like pink colour r loving, sensitive, very emotional and soft-hearted. Orange: colour of fire and autumn, autumn orange colour is colour of dead leaves and sorrowful memories. Unlike this, orange colour (bright orange, rust and light orange) is gay colour and shows joie de vivre (energy and love of life). Ppl who like orange colour r much agile, they like making noise and fun. They r so jolly and sometimes mischievous. They r much clever in their everyday matters. They like hooting and jeering others. Their negative quality is that, they r jealous. Magenta: A cheerful and lively colour. It’s also a mixture of blue and red colour (red colour is more than blue in magenta while in purple red colour is less than blue). Ppl who like magenta color r cheerful and happy, they r careless and don’t bother to think deeply about itsy bitsy things. They r talkative, affable and easy going. It’s not a difficult job to make friends with them (even sometimes they become over-friendly) Purple: A mixture of blue and red colour, it is a splendid colour. It has many magnificent shades like; neon purple, majestic purple, pale purple, Easter purple, grape purple… The ppl who like this colour r as princely as purple colour. They r a little proud, as purple colour shows high splendor, they r very social and like to be in gathering, they hate to be alone (even sometimes they r afraid of lonely). They r idealistic and usually stay behind fantasy. Violet: It is very gorgeous and artistic colour, somewhat different from purple. Its shades r deep violet, rose violet, plum, blue violet… Violet color is a decent colour. It seems like grayish purple, and has qualities of both colours. Ppl who like violet colour r serious, honest, truthful and self-possessed. Golden: A hi fi, superb colour, very glorious and bright. Those ppl who like golden colour have a strong will power, and that is the most positive point of those personality, they can easily overcome their problems, they r brave and they don’t let others dominate their life, it is almost impossible to impose anything on them. A bad aspect of their personality is that they r too annoying. Silver: A beautiful colour of moonlight. It has always been IN and very popular. Ppl who like silver colour r dreamy, they r extremely imaginative as they avoid to face the pitiless reality. But the most good quality in their personality is that they never get hopeless. They r co-operative, helpful n fair-minded. They r not much straightforward in their behavior. written by Charmer
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    Quake Shakes South Asia

    There is some significance beyond this disaster; we must know what Allah wants us to conceive. May Allah bless us.
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    Wish You Were Here

  4. Happy Birthday Tashu :flower: :flower:
  5. Charmer

    Happy Birthday Raiha

    Happy Birthday Raiha :flower: :flower:
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    Ramadan Mubarak!

    Aslamoalaikum Ramadan Mubarik to every one May Allah bless u with the best things of this holy month. Ammen.
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    Bachelor's Schedule...

  8. Charmer

    Ur Habitz!

    My best habit >> to keep my dignity elevated n be within my limits. My worst habit>> not to trust anyone n to be egoist.
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    Aaj Kal Ke Bhikarii

    very true and it is showing one of the worst aspects of our society.
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    I Hate Sleeping

    nice thoughts Nina; aur aajkal raat soney kay liye thora hi hoti hei; saari raat beth kar parhna hota hei, assignments aur projects complete kareney hotey hein, test ki tayari karna hoti hei, aur aadhi raat tak ullo ki tarha net per online rehne hota hei na din mein to in sab kaamon kay liye time nahin milta life is damn busy, raat ko bhi kaam, din ko bhi kaam, kaam kaam aur sirf kaam ohhh Im getting frustrated :( kiya raat soney kay liye hoti hei???
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    Your Current Mood?

    :D :P
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    My Shadi

    hmmm very good couple!! Happy Marriage rythm
  14. Charmer


    really fantastic place!!
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    > try this

    Cured injuries
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    Ek Aise Mussanif Ke Naam Jo Dukh Pe Likhta Hey...

    it's marvelous Kashmiyan, I like Fakhira Jabeen's writtings, she depicts emotional life n reality in such an arresting style.
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    Word Game In Urdu

  18. Charmer

    Wat Come To Ur Mind!

    old age psyche :D
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    Dance Like No One's Watching?

    hahaha cool only once I danced in such manner when I was 12. I was dancing wildish rock, n I was caught too, my aunt saw me dancing n she thought.... ahem ahem ... leave it
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    Mujhay Nafrat Hay

    it's cool beyond description mujhey bhi nafrat hei
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    Your Current Mood?

    mood is very cOoOol
  22. A good combination counts so much in the good looks of ur dresses, if ur dress is really expensive, well-designed and well-made but it’s colour (colour) is rather unsightly and doesn’t suit u, then this dress is totally fail in making ur well-dressed impression, Now a days when up-to-the-minute fashions r being introduced and new colour schemes r being experienced, every girl wants to make dresses of unique and un-common colour schemes and common… these must have an attractive look and a new touch with ur designing. Some colour combination r ur fav , which u think , suit u … my fav colour combinations r… sea green & lime coffee colour & black or coffee colour with white white & black white & deep red black & deep red emerald green and navy blue sky blue, white & navy blue navy blue, maroon & gray scarlet & baby pink chocolate brown, and light coffee colour…. girls what r ur fav colour combinations??
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    Word Game In Urdu

  24. Charmer

    Whoz Here ?

    Welcome here Billy G hopw u'll enjoy here.

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