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  1. saadattahir

    English Poetry

    salama i would love to post here but there is some issue the start new topic isnt showing help please.... saadat tahir
  2. saadattahir

    To You My Valentine…14-2 12

    ever the encouraging mod....:) thanx.... and between fighting bouts you do hold out flowers too....lolz be happy sat
  3. saadattahir

    To You My Valentine…14-2 12

    (to far off isles … to bob on shores… sealed with a kiss) Hey! An angel whispered me. Said, all the roses that you see. Butterflies, and the ceaseless honey bee. They, so happy gay and free, add, such color to our world, on, these amazing sunny days, Pray, you heard what I had to say, gazing, out an azure lapping bay, It’s, so due jingles of her birthday. Otherwise, wouldn’t be a beautiful sunny day, never, Until she graced this worldly way. You! Tender and gorgeous dreamy babe, Always, giggle and tell me to behave. original saadat tahir 14 Feb - 2k12 Islamabad. S’she knows….S’she smiles!
  4. saadattahir

    Cotton Pledgets… 21-1-12

    tahnx sabah...its thoughtful and generous o ya.... i am elated....:) blessed be sat
  5. saadattahir

    Cotton Pledgets… 21-1-12

    Thanx..:) so sweet o yaz be happy sat
  6. saadattahir

    You And Me…12-12

    Clouds float as billowing clumps, seeding life deep in earth. Wandering across the lazy humps, goat and gazelle shading birth. Lavender jasmine burst in blooms, as roses peer at you and me. striking throw out vivid plumes, nature’s marvels for us to see. Soft the music of falling rain, dancing drops on cobbled walks life proclaimed for sown grain, fluffy birds on bursting stalks distant honk that steamers make, waft across those waters green. as dancing salmon in their wake, showoff style and their sheen. lean and dry days lost behind, to buzz of mills and copious goods. nature’s gift is smiling kind, stirring bears in sleepy woods. nectar ooze from many a flowers, in happy dusks and breezy morns. you and me in yon blissful stars, by shade of tree and rustling corns. original saadat tahir 01 Feb - 2k12 Islamabad.
  7. sry lil late

    happy birthday 2 u

  8. happy birthday Saad:) may you have many many more:)

  9. ahaan,,,its your birthday today,,,,

    HaPpY bday,,,:)

  10. saadattahir

    Cotton Pledgets… 21-1-12

    thanx M_kahan...kind attention there cheers :) sat
  11. saadattahir

    Cotton Pledgets… 21-1-12

    A bundle dropped in far of hut a lumbering pelican eyes shut Flapping wings in departing glide Amply leers at the starting slide Slowly fades in morning mists In wake and vortex strewn gists On cotton pledgets by loving hands skip and dance on burning sands pranced by ponds and banyan trees chewed on canes, combs of bees Ebb and flow of many a tide Cantor, gallop of youthful ride hand in hand skip and dance as fate casts a bemused glance pitter and patter of tender feet in time to steady trudging sleet hushed reflect the fading eyes and painful sear of broken ties snatched moments on the sly truth bobbles on many a lie Kaput heart and beaten brow Splintered yolk and broken plough From hearty laugh to silent dusk from cheesy tops to dried rusk lustrous verve to barren dune Blusterous fresh to dried prune Fading display of blurry sights Tangled play of st Elmo’s lights Numbered days on weary ways Befuddled slog in swirling clays those swanky leathers now lay by rot but The Cobbler’s anvil is searing hot original saadat tahir 21 Jan -12 Islamabad.
  12. saadattahir

    Last Sunset… 1101-2012

    Mornings come and mornings go. Ceaseless winds timeless blow. As kismet rolls its enduring gall. Another domino tumbles falls. In the merge of days and nights. Or the urge of dizzying heights. Awed we gape unfolding paths, barren scapes, yon greener swaths. In Hedonic shadows collecting debts. Karma silent prances, weaving nets. Along rut and creek of passing days, jilted songs and jarring forays. Oblivious we sail on endless fret. Lonely to hush of the last sunset. original. saadat tahir. 11 Jan. 12. Islamabad.
  13. saadattahir


    very nice collection of beautiful lines guldasta...khusboodarr khush rahean cheers :)

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