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  1. Shameless lies are cast on their keel. Telephones ring all night for a deal. Images run circles that burn in our mind. Subliminal messages that turn us blind. Engineer the world to fake a fight. Use it then to decree your right. Plan in shadows in a whispered hush. Shamefaced talk and never blush. On stealthy wings, tell death to creep. Huddled mothers, their children sleep. Roar of world’s biggest this or that. Anything and everything falls to flat. Sci-Fi sensors or saddened eyes. Brazenly send out same old lies. The reaper unleashed, is no match! In a condo block or bamboo thatch. Horrible deeds of terror are done. Turned around they flow as a pun. Stuff all zombies in dreadful jails. Rape all women, violate the males. Recall the skulls in Mongol towers? Life! Who said? Is a bed of flowers! Even though flesh falls with chains. The vacant stare of sockets remains. Original. saadat tahir. 22nd July, 2017. Unaiza-KSA. July 22 1990. Iraq begins deploying troops to the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border and building a massive military buildup.
  2. O Listen Lordship! …1301-2017

    What everyone sees as the light of day. Is wit for our justice, to snicker and play. Wise and learned, they know the rules. Know well also, how to make us fools. To jack up the stakes on either side. Craftily then to fling us on a ride. Cook up a bowl of scheme and plot. Brazen on our chest, then pin a blot. Our mother is dying, her bare body lies. Stony and unseeing stare her eyes. Sullied and stained her flesh now rots. The vultures push and jostle for lots. As a tear is rolling down my cheek. Festering sores with stench now reek. The drama of leeks simmers and ebbs. Pus oozes freely from her fetid blebs. I sob as maggots writhe and turn. In weeping cuts wriggle and churn. Forever the shameless suckers latch. Vermin inside with habits to match. Assembled the slayers, to hear her will. Wrangle on remains and footing the bill. Slyly our justice looks at the sight. Coldly glowers at our mounting plight. Who’s looking for medals or a shining star? This milieu has treasures, the spoils of war! You may not see, you are digging a grave. M‘Lord! Either your kids or you be brave! original saadat tahir 13th Jan-2k17 Unaizah-KSA.
  3. Dragonfly … 08 0616

    …..of nymphs and “nereids". Nimbly slung from delicate wings Floats on a breath of gentle rings In lustrous shades as she flies Colors scatter, rainbow smiles Blithely drifting on shiny glows Hither and thither as wind blows Upheld arms ready to go Up and down, along the flow Radiant eyes glint in the light Held so steady in her flight An agile athlete on the ropes Twirls and turns as she lopes In fluttering wings the lines divide Within the lines crystals reside A mythical nymph she silently hides In watery ways where she resides She lopes and circles on easy pairs Spring’s bride; a star of fairs Young and nubile she rises and sings From murmuring streams with her brings A musical air from posse of gods Where fairies dance and nature nods Original saadat tahir 08th June 2k16
  4. Frolicked skipped and we played. Smiling innocent kids waylaid. Village paths that were our own. Where we scampered had kites flown. Mundane bustle of commoner’s lives Naively we thought all could thrive Yet to grow in strength and height. Oblivious to this satanic blight. Ghoulish winds have blown us bye. Thrown in darkness to silent sigh. The horrid day our way was blocked. And our life so cruelly rocked. Used to trail the MP’s car. Just to touch, now driven so far. Now we can’t even look up straight! For a genuine smile our parents wait! O’my you leaders! Have you seen? How from innocence children wean. In carefree time of childhood days. Barely grasp what the criminal says. in wildest dreams had never thought. Would have to live a lifelong blot. Begged with pleas and our cries. To innocence there, said good byes. Hung upside down in deathly wells. Felt the shudder of crushing knells. Shadows crept and the days slipped. Slowly the curse our smiles sipped. Now forced to live a tainted life In broken bits by a thrust strife O’where the law to secure our land? O’whence the law to free our hand? Whom shall we blame for our hurt? Why our lives now trampled dirt? Woe to you leaders! Have you seen? How from innocence children wean. original saadat tahir 14th Aug, 2015 Rafha-KSA P.S. Deeply distressed and disturbed on the sad and horrific developments in a town in Punjab-Pakistan, namely Qasoor. Where rank pedophilia; unfettered and wretched forced sex and exploitation is unfolding as the stuff of revolutions. Kudos to ARY and the free media for voicing the anguish of common people, the life they live and how they are exploited by the Police & politician criminal link up.
  5. English Poetry

    salama i would love to post here but there is some issue the start new topic isnt showing help please.... saadat tahir
  6. Me And Myself … 1203 -2K13

    As we watch the drifting clouds Me and myself, a lonesome consign Together we gaze and gape woven intricate nature’s design hold us confounded simpletons web and weft of so many bands we see but we know not the descent of hour glass sands no handkerchief ready to pick trickled drop from our eye no hand to caress tender softly as in unison we exhale our sigh pebbles we fling out at dusk tinkle and clink with passing time fading our echoes and waning light slowly edge closer to an eternal rhyme burnt hulk from meteoric strike a silent scream unheard so loud echoing somber rip and tatter faceless in a shadowy shroud original saadat tahir 12th Mar, 2k13 Islamabad.
  7. To You My Valentine…14-2 12

    ever the encouraging mod....:) thanx.... and between fighting bouts you do hold out flowers too....lolz be happy sat
  8. To You My Valentine…14-2 12

    (to far off isles … to bob on shores… sealed with a kiss) Hey! An angel whispered me. Said, all the roses that you see. Butterflies, and the ceaseless honey bee. They, so happy gay and free, add, such color to our world, on, these amazing sunny days, Pray, you heard what I had to say, gazing, out an azure lapping bay, It’s, so due jingles of her birthday. Otherwise, wouldn’t be a beautiful sunny day, never, Until she graced this worldly way. You! Tender and gorgeous dreamy babe, Always, giggle and tell me to behave. original saadat tahir 14 Feb - 2k12 Islamabad. S’she knows….S’she smiles!
  9. Cotton Pledgets… 21-1-12

    tahnx sabah...its thoughtful and generous o ya.... i am elated....:) blessed be sat
  10. Cotton Pledgets… 21-1-12

    Thanx..:) so sweet o yaz be happy sat
  11. You And Me…12-12

    Clouds float as billowing clumps, seeding life deep in earth. Wandering across the lazy humps, goat and gazelle shading birth. Lavender jasmine burst in blooms, as roses peer at you and me. striking throw out vivid plumes, nature’s marvels for us to see. Soft the music of falling rain, dancing drops on cobbled walks life proclaimed for sown grain, fluffy birds on bursting stalks distant honk that steamers make, waft across those waters green. as dancing salmon in their wake, showoff style and their sheen. lean and dry days lost behind, to buzz of mills and copious goods. nature’s gift is smiling kind, stirring bears in sleepy woods. nectar ooze from many a flowers, in happy dusks and breezy morns. you and me in yon blissful stars, by shade of tree and rustling corns. original saadat tahir 01 Feb - 2k12 Islamabad.
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