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    English Poetry

    salama i would love to post here but there is some issue the start new topic isnt showing help please.... saadat tahir
  2. saadattahir

    To You My Valentine…14-2 12

    (to far off isles … to bob on shores… sealed with a kiss) Hey! An angel whispered me. Said, all the roses that you see. Butterflies, and the ceaseless honey bee. They, so happy gay and free, add, such color to our world, on, these amazing sunny days, Pray, you heard what I had to say, gazing, out an azure lapping bay, It’s, so due jingles of her birthday. Otherwise, wouldn’t be a beautiful sunny day, never, Until she graced this worldly way. You! Tender and gorgeous dreamy babe, Always, giggle and tell me to behave. original saadat tahir 14 Feb - 2k12 Islamabad. S’she knows….S’she smiles!
  3. saadattahir

    To You My Valentine…14-2 12

    ever the encouraging mod....:) thanx.... and between fighting bouts you do hold out flowers too....lolz be happy sat
  4. saadattahir

    Cotton Pledgets… 21-1-12

    tahnx sabah...its thoughtful and generous o ya.... i am elated....:) blessed be sat
  5. saadattahir

    Cotton Pledgets… 21-1-12

    A bundle dropped in far of hut a lumbering pelican eyes shut Flapping wings in departing glide Amply leers at the starting slide Slowly fades in morning mists In wake and vortex strewn gists On cotton pledgets by loving hands skip and dance on burning sands pranced by ponds and banyan trees chewed on canes, combs of bees Ebb and flow of many a tide Cantor, gallop of youthful ride hand in hand skip and dance as fate casts a bemused glance pitter and patter of tender feet in time to steady trudging sleet hushed reflect the fading eyes and painful sear of broken ties snatched moments on the sly truth bobbles on many a lie Kaput heart and beaten brow Splintered yolk and broken plough From hearty laugh to silent dusk from cheesy tops to dried rusk lustrous verve to barren dune Blusterous fresh to dried prune Fading display of blurry sights Tangled play of st Elmo’s lights Numbered days on weary ways Befuddled slog in swirling clays those swanky leathers now lay by rot but The Cobbler’s anvil is searing hot original saadat tahir 21 Jan -12 Islamabad.
  6. saadattahir

    Cotton Pledgets… 21-1-12

    Thanx..:) so sweet o yaz be happy sat
  7. saadattahir

    You And Me…12-12

    Clouds float as billowing clumps, seeding life deep in earth. Wandering across the lazy humps, goat and gazelle shading birth. Lavender jasmine burst in blooms, as roses peer at you and me. striking throw out vivid plumes, nature’s marvels for us to see. Soft the music of falling rain, dancing drops on cobbled walks life proclaimed for sown grain, fluffy birds on bursting stalks distant honk that steamers make, waft across those waters green. as dancing salmon in their wake, showoff style and their sheen. lean and dry days lost behind, to buzz of mills and copious goods. nature’s gift is smiling kind, stirring bears in sleepy woods. nectar ooze from many a flowers, in happy dusks and breezy morns. you and me in yon blissful stars, by shade of tree and rustling corns. original saadat tahir 01 Feb - 2k12 Islamabad.
  8. saadattahir

    Cotton Pledgets… 21-1-12

    thanx M_kahan...kind attention there cheers :) sat
  9. saadattahir

    Last Sunset… 1101-2012

    Mornings come and mornings go. Ceaseless winds timeless blow. As kismet rolls its enduring gall. Another domino tumbles falls. In the merge of days and nights. Or the urge of dizzying heights. Awed we gape unfolding paths, barren scapes, yon greener swaths. In Hedonic shadows collecting debts. Karma silent prances, weaving nets. Along rut and creek of passing days, jilted songs and jarring forays. Oblivious we sail on endless fret. Lonely to hush of the last sunset. original. saadat tahir. 11 Jan. 12. Islamabad.
  10. saadattahir


    very nice collection of beautiful lines guldasta...khusboodarr khush rahean cheers :)
  11. saadattahir

    Sail O Saal E Rawan

    thanx for the time and comment much appreciated be happy sat..:)
  12. saadattahir

    Sail O Saal E Rawan

    Last breaths he exhales and sighs. He lies so still and does not move. Mother earth’s wished him byes, gyrating youth now dancing groove. Darkness swallows, runs amok, crescent of death swallows land and sea. From far far Oceania to Innsbruck, cares not dawn for these years to be. Across faded land and jaded life, shiny facades and abject fleas, through peeling bells and human strife, humming birds and ceaseless bees. Like caution too is today cloth to wind. Auld Lang Syne and this pack’o six. Like clothes too bonds of human kind. Revel nubile youth in a heady mix. For millennia sages forced to drink, deathly potions to tread in immortal time. Our lives too fast gone in a wink, drowned years now, not worth a dime. Fiery hands paint the dying skies, reflect and grimace at the sham of shine. And as tick by tick the night dies, Wonder, what is yours and what is mine? original saadat tahir islamabad 0101-12 Auld Lang Syne In 1788, Robert Burns put an old Scottish poem called "Auld Lang Syne" to music, and in the years to follow it became one of the most celebrated songs associated with ringing in the New Year What do the words “auld lang syne” actually mean!.... the words translated mean "old long ago" and in combination with the rest of the poem reflects on the memorable times of one's life. Faded moments / time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnfM9pZYm2w
  13. saadattahir

    Hope … (25Th December)

    Hissing wind and the swishing sea, with a vengeance turns the wind to lee. Ragging sails, the ship is free. Seagull screams in the distance see. Distraught people in a ship at sway, creaking stern and the ropes'll, fray. Vociferous sounds of the angry spray. To ghastly thoughts the heart a prey. Not a soul aboard that doth not pray. Rising hands against the wicked gray. O' Lord "Save us from the swishing array"! Confusion mounting screams of dismay. Such was the scene and even yet, a man in white I cannot forget. unaware of all the cold and wet, he sat eyes closed and face all set. He muttered to himself now and then, free from feelings of where and when. The calm of his face in darkness shown, with a majestic grandeur; he left his throne. Thus he spoke to the people aloud! "Brothers and sisters look at the cloud. The lord remembers his creation's plight, through the crevice comes a ray of light, the rescue boats you need not fight. For yonder look the land's in sight" Original Saadat tahir (from personal files--Vintage 1985)
  14. saadattahir

    Haan Mujhe Aids Haie….01 December-World Aids Day

    thanx....:) writing about issues is a bit tricky and daunting....one is never sure so words of appreciation are ever welcome...thanx again! be happy :) sat
  15. Oh, please let me say! just to say, I have HIV! And listen! If I may? Does it mean I cannot be? Will the holy play as GOD? Deny me the right to breathe! Bay for a sick man’s blood? Roil in rage, anger, seethe? Are you the truth alone? I the essence of amorality? Who will cast the first stone? Refuse to see some sanity? Village barber’s spiked nicks, often bloomed my weekly beard. Twisting life to a punishing crick, frozen life’s lost and sheared. Cruel doctor’s scalpels knife, in muddy pond’s water boiled. Ah! our children and my wife, they too now, for ever soiled. original saadat tahir 01 Dec, 2k11 Islamabad. _http://www.freegreatdesign.com/files/images/4/1778-red-ribbon-vector-1.jpg _http://www.pnac.net.pk/WAD.asp _http://www.worldaidsday.org/the-red-ribbon.php _http://aids.gov/hiv-aids-basics/ _http://tribune.com.pk/story/300221/world-aids-day-migrant-workers-single-largest-_contributor-to-hivaids-infections/
  16. From fated gashes gurgle streams. Snatch carmine rags from the seams. Where gold peaks, from proud hills. Peppers life in dales, humming mills. A son lies sans cap and open mouth. Softly on grasses that creep from south. Sleeps, stretched, under the blue sky, pale in his green bed where rain drops fly. Gladioli tickle his feet, he sleeps, smiles. Like a stricken child without the guiles. Cradle softly nature, for he is cold. Ah! In life, was so warm and bold. No earthly incense shall quiver the nare. Nor mortal cares transgress his lair. He sleeps in the sun, hand on his breast. Calm! Red roses ooze from the side of his chest. Adapted from a famous French poem: Le dormeur du val (Arthur Rimbaud) 1870. saadat tahir …done as a sequel to my poem ”spring on crutches”
  17. saadattahir

    Farmers Till…1111-11

    Broken land has long since died, clouds now for years have lied. The awaited rains so often fail. Million’s hearts with hunger wail. Scorching sun bears to burn. Hardened tilth, refuses to turn. No burden beast left with a drive, nor baked son who harkens strive. The wooden yolk cracked and dry, as sheep and dogs all lazy lie. Village square where elders sat, laughed and jeered, tobacco spat. Drinks they downed by the score, with caution now in tea cups pour. “Targa clan’s women are whores…. incredible tusks of a shot down boar.” Broken dangles the shanty’s door, and hollow rings the folksy lore. Humming wheel of miller’s store. Hurt and pain of farmers bore. That drove it once, the feed is dry, at parks no more the children cry. Silent cringes the neighbor’s cat. Now scarce to see a scurrying rat. The calling kith, from dusty deed, watch with horror, our lives bleed. Wordless in graves our fallen kin. While we entombed in our dusty bin. Hear their footsteps echo still. As we slink! The graveyards fill original saadat tahir 11, Nov 2k11 (Islamabad) Exegesis: Title & central idea adapted from a well known / well read poem…“Freeman’s Mill” El Niño: (many links removed...) http://philobiblon.co.uk/?p=3631 http://www.fews.net/Pages/Horn-of-Africa-Emergency.aspx http://ccb.colorado.edu/ijas/ijasno2/georgis.html http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/29030
  18. saadattahir

    Eid-Die - Muslim Festival...

    We dear Pakis and the hapless goat, Wide eyed drift in the same old boat. We, men in the street and you! turncoat; For whom we struggle and cast our vote." Who prints some paper and signs the note. Bleeds us white and clutches our throat. We save and scrape for a whole long year, Every time around the Eid seems near; We clench our teeth and cring in fear. We have to feed and kids to rear. We dear Pakis and the hapless goat, Wide eyed drift in the same old boat. This goat is done in the name of GOD. While pain and suffering ride rough shod. Its been said that even the angels nod; Barefoot pattering we fear the rod. The preacher says its good for us; Scares our wits by the fire and truss. No easy answers for the sulking morass. While care and plenty for another class. We dear Pakis and the hapless goat, Wide eyed drift in the same old boat. Muslims we are and do go along. See the pens that we Pakis throng. The spirit itself is not a thong. But do we hear the slums' sad song. Don your best an' flatter your beau. Indulge and laugh with the selected few. Guzzle down drinks with the BBQ. Eat your fill but know what's due. We dear Pakis and the hapless goat, wide eyed drift in the same old boat. Everyone loves new clothes to wear. Gifts an' sweets for the near and dear. Want no pain no load to bear. Need some money to smile and cheer. We the trodden rank and file, Always told of one extra mile. We too need lady luck to smile. The revelry and meat to last a while. We dear Pakis and the hapless goat, Wide eyed drift in the same old boat. original saadat tahir “written years back" sadly still true….even truer still! to understand the gist..... It need be known; that we Muslims ritually sacrifice a goat each year at a festival...in the footsteps of prophet- Abraham (PBUH) .......it is to designed to inculcate devotion and the spirit of sacrifice.....and paki is slang UK speak for Pakistanis, my country-Pakistan is in the grip of a deep recession and turmoil (not alone there...!)
  19. saadattahir

    Eid-Die - Muslim Festival...

    sab behan bhaioun ko bht bht EID mubarak.... May Allah swt bless us all and have mercy on us.....aameen..!
  20. saadattahir

    Spring On Crutches.....

    ....ravages of war Saleh …..19 yrs….lost his legs in a war he never understood. He was not particularly despondent……one day in the hospital ...it was a cold winter morning, I was hurrying to join the twitter at the tea bar….through the corner of my eye I saw him in the corridor, in his wheel chair…. deep in thought, nose pressed against the fogging window pane…. I just stopped... walked up and touched his shoulder…..he was shaken out of deep thought and as I said some meaningless comforting words….. his forced smile disappeared and he just melted…! ! Fields dancing in the wind the buds and flowers too I see the grasses velvet hue the blooms refreshed with dew I want to caress them tenderly like I wish to be with you your presence like the blossoms delicate and softly bossomed my love is here and true like the wishes I have for you scented, sweet, alive and strong you will always carry my heart along like an ever smiling flower... blue cheery sky for our cover little birdies twitter in the sun and the air too whispers fun lonely remains of innocent dreams a happy family now rests in realms huddled and one day blissfully slept silently upon them hellfire crept Cant no more, a roll in the grass or feel the tangy tufts of moss with my legs I’ve lost the toss cant touch nature…or you...alas! original saadat tahir (Islamabad) April 7,2009)
  21. Across the graveyard, a wind flays…1406-2k11 (baad’e samoom... wo tazeeana ik lehad ka …) Just wanted to buy Aasma a doll! If possible for Haider a plastic ball! from village back’ome, I shied a call. Heer so wants a colorful shawl. Suffering days for a better deal. Barely keep life on an even keel. Gave up wishing for lamb or veal. Hardly the bills or our meters seal. Pennies we cough through our nose, blossom on our rags as bloody rose. Who will be willing for asking those, who bleed us white and hunker close. Maan’s in hospital so many days, I slog the corridors! Weary ways! Across the graveyard a wind now flays, by the mound where Father lays, That everyday I trudge teary eyed. Wandering! Why? My life has lied. With my desires my heart too died, to a desolate breath it still is tied. original saadat tahir 14 June, 2k11 Glossary: A poem for Karachi of today…..post SC verdict! Aasma… common Pakistani name for girls. Haider… common Pakistani name for boys. Heer … proverbial folk lore name for a young lady. Maan … common noun, mother…here Motherland. Father… common noun, here Quaid e Azam…father of the nation. (baad’e samoom... wo tazeeana ik lehad ka …) Urdu transliteration of the title.
  22. welcome

    i am a bit confused about this site

    it says friend approval

    but there isnt a tab to confirm it...

    or maybe,.,,i cant find it

    anyhow ....welcome



  23. saadattahir

    Grapes Of Wrath…….2309-2K11

    Morphing rainbows unmet dally. Surfeit of colors intrepid vary. On nature’s will of ceaseless flurry. To divine cues pander and curry. Cameras click to capture days As canoes float on waterways Undulate earth tones, reflect on wakes, and mirror apposing in silent lakes. One into other spells that blow. Twinkles in the sky peek and glow. Unbeknownst on the myriad paths, sceneries travel determined swaths. Now red and orange in life abound limb and leaf plaster the ground As man scurries his chosen paths, oblivious to certain “grapes of wraths”. Huff and puff of the cotton wool cloaks. Pull up woolies and huddle the slopes. Chipmunks curl up in their burrows. As weather blows in countless furrows. original saadat tahir 23 sep, 2k11 Islamabad.
  24. saadattahir


    bohat khub....kush rahaen....:) sat

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