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  1. Asim


    Some of you would be like, "Who is this person with Admin rights?", I know, I see it coming since I am posting on CY after a very very long time It all started more then a decade ago when I and Waqas started CooLYar.com as our project, we were learning about web and giving the Pakistani community something in return. The project was great and very successful, I still remember how Waqas and I used to save our pocketmoney and Eidis to pay for the hosting / domain cost every month without getting ANYTHING in return except for applauses and appreciations which meant a lot to us. Until 2004-2005, we were not monitizing the approx 1million page views we were getting in a month. We even saw some hosts denying us hosting services because their servers could not handle the traffic, some took money and ran away telling us that 2months is enough now, although we paid for a year's worth of service (e.g. eDatabase Tech), some even suspended our website and asked for 10K in ranson (back in 2003). Long story short, the only thing that kept us moving on was the community and the love we received here. I am pretty sure most of you do not recognize me because for the last many years, I have been working full time in a Software House and have little to no time to post here, my interests have changed but the love for the community remain the same (even though I was off-the-grid for the past few years). Today, I was just thinking its unfair to put my name on a community where I hardly know the new members (and still miss the old ones), so this is what I have come up with and I am sure @Waqas has no issues accepting it either since he is teh all-in-all of this place at the moment All domain names will be shifted to Waqas's name All content etc will remain solely with Waqas Although, I will remain the co-founder (thats a fact, you can't change it) but the admin/owner/webmaster of COOLYAR.COM, COOLYARFORUMS.COM and numerous other TLDs and ccTLDs will be Waqas Kamran and whoever he wants to share these responsibilities with I will still be part of this community but as a normal member rather than an admin. Should you and anyone have any admin related query, please keep posting that to Waqas. Warm regards, Asim
  2. happy birthday to you

  3. I have an opportunity for those looking to work as Internees in a renowned software house in Pakistan. Wanted 10 dotNET Internees Salary: 12K/month Internship period 4 months (may be extended based on your good performance) Job offer: Yes (for extra-ordinary resources) Requirements: basic programming skills, basic know-how of dotNET and OOP concepts Wanted 1 PHP Internee Salary: 12K/month Internship period 4 months (may be extended based on your good performance) Job offer: Yes (for extra-ordinary resources) Requirements: basic programming skills, basic know-how of dotNET and OOP concepts PM me if you are interested. Asim Zeeshan
  4. Asim

    How Coolyar Has Changed Your Life?

    Where's the story now? I want to read it too
  5. CNET - Updated at 1:50 a.m. PDT to reflect official announcement. View the full article
  6. Reuters - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has chosen Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden to be his vice presidential running mate, the campaign said on its Web site on Saturday. View the full article
  7. CNET - For those of you who can't seem to digest enough political news, Tom Merritt offers up an "Insider Secrets" video that you'll want to gobble up with a fork and knife. (Check it out below.) Whether you're curious about how the candidates are polling or how much money they've raised, Merritt has dug deep to provide a handful of off-the-beaten-path election Web sites to round out your political diet. View the full article
  8. Reuters - Cash Money/Universal Motown has launched a mobile subscription service to deliver ringtones, graphics, videoclips, text alerts and contest opportunities to fans of label artists like Lil Wayne, the Hot Boys and Birdman, Billboard has learned. View the full article
  9. CNET - A security researcher has been in discussions with Google on an exploit he plans to release that would allow a hacker to easily intercept someone's communications with supposedly secure Web sites over an unsecured Wi-Fi network, but other sites, like Facebook, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail, remain vulnerable. View the full article
  10. InfoWorld - Mozilla this week is touting technology to boost performance of its JavaScript engine and Web applications. View the full article
  11. Investor's Business Daily - Tech services firm Ciber passed $1 billion in annual revenue last year, but it still faces the unenviable task of having to compete directly against much larger rivals, including IBM, Accenture, Deloitte and Capgemini. View the full article

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