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  1. Mehro

    Mera Status Update Is Ban?

    Shout loud for ban. rainbow about thinking read your comments 1st. miss chick chik..
  2. Mehro

    Mera Status Update Is Ban?

    rainbow kitni seryal ho tum toba hai. isi lye tumhin admin awesome laga bcoz tumhari or admin ke adat kafi milti hai.saryal and larako... ager mujhay janti thi tu threat main kia kernay kod pari? apny kam say kam rakho.. admin ko personal request bhejo k mujhay ban keray. Miss chik chik chik..
  3. Mehro


    thanks sho sweet
  4. Mehro


    i made this and many others like flowers buckets notebook decorations and so on, i will show here later.
  5. Mehro

    Attendance Time

  6. Mehro


  7. Aj mosam bara biman hai, bara biman hai hehehe

    1. Mehro


      tum her wakat yahan rehty ho

    2. Mehro
  8. Mehro

    Mera Status Update Is Ban?

    lero lero isi reason per koi message tu ker leta hai hehehe rainbow sister you are right main emaad hon. emaad ap ko yahan bolanay ka trika acha hai rainbow ka. so sweet sister ap ke comment ka shukria. admin chalo jaldi say sub comment kerain jo lernay ke liye tyar hain.
  9. Mehro

    Mera Status Update Is Ban?

    Treatment ker saktay hotay tu yeh forum khander na hotay, dear admin Mr. waqas
  10. Mehro

    Mera Status Update Is Ban?

    ooOoo its working
  11. Mehro

    Mera Status Update Is Ban?

    Y my status and replies are ban?? darpok admin.
  12. Dasht-e-tanhai main...

    1. Show previous comments  18 more
    2. daineee


      tm ho na mere frnd ....yahan veeran web pe kon ay ga ...chat b band hai

    3. Mehro


      kis nay kaha k main tumhari frnd hon? Main apnay frnds soch ker banati hon.

    4. daineee


      mein ney ... tu sochti raho kis ne roka ? btw pechly aik saal se soch hee rahi ho

  13. Mehro

    ~*~ur Opinion Abt Cy~*~

    Always bad!
  14. Mehro

    Attendance Time

  15. Mehro

    Your Current Mood?


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