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  1. What a shock. Received a notification after ten years. It means Coolyar is alive.

  2. happy birthday doctor uncle G :)

  3. A gye janab ghoom phir kar

  4. Uncleg

    Hoorainraza Ke Pasand

    Aap ki apni poetry to Azaad Nazam style main hoti hai. Yeh kis ka kalaam hai? Jis ka bhi hai achha hai.
  5. Uncleg

    > try this

    Worthy members
  6. Uncleg

    Aap Is Waqt Kya Sooch Rahy Hain?

    Fajar ki Azaan ka wait kar raha hoon
  7. Uncleg

    Yummy Funky Colourfull Cakes

    Nazar kaisay aa saktay hain. Ab tou baray baray DAKAAR aa rahay hongay.
  8. Uncleg

    Yummy Funky Colourfull Cakes

    I still don't believe that you could eat all those including containers or plates????
  9. Uncleg

    Hoorainraza Ke Pasand

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan has sung this as "Qawwali". The lyrics are very good.
  10. Uncleg

    Hoorainraza Ke Pasand

    Nice pledge indeed
  11. Uncleg

    Guest Of The Week Is Laraib.!

    Qabza group ko bula kar guest room khali karwana paray ga.
  12. Uncleg

    Two Hajj Applications Refused !

    What a contradiction Mr. Gambler1. You are preaching Shia sunni sect and very humiliated remarks about an elected President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Lashkar e Jhangvi is a banned organization, but admin appriciated your write up so who am I to criticize??
  13. Thanks. Remember me in your prayers :)

  14. Uncleg

    Send Eid Cards To Cy Members

    My Dear Shahabi, Thank you very much for presenting such a nice eid greeting card. I had placed you as stylish member, but you are very cool at heart. You really care for all those whome you know. It is a very friendly gesture. I thank you once again.

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