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  1. prettygirl

    Sweet Dishes

    friends i am starting a new corner of sweet dishes i hope u like it
  2. prettygirl

    About Our Pakistan

    ::+:: AbouT OuR PaKisTan ::+:: Official Name : Islamic Republic of Pakistan Conventional short form:Pakistan In reality, and verified by numerous sources, Pakistan is a composition of two words "PAK" and "ISTAN". PAK is a word of Persian and Urdu and it means "Holy/Pure/Clean" and "ISTAN" stands for "HOMELAND". Then the true meanings come to "Homeland of Holy People". Father of the Nation : Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Independence Day : 14 August (1947) Republic Day : 23 March (1940) Head of State : Asif ali zardari Prime Minister Head of Government : Syed yousf razr galani Capital : Islamabad Area : Total: 803,940 sq km Land: 778,720 sq km Water: 25,220 sq km Land boundaries : Total: 6,774 km Border Countries: Afghanistan 2,430 km, China 523 km, India 2,912 km, Iran 909 km Population : 135,135,195 (July 1998 est.) National Language : Urdu Official Lanaguage : English National Flower : Jasmine National Game : Hockey National Bird : Chakor Partridge National Currency : Pak Rupee; Rs. 1 = 100 Passa
  3. prettygirl

    Zam Zam Ka Kuwan

    zam zam ka kuwan 18 zarab 14 fit 13 miter gehra hai 4000 sall say na sookha hai na he test badla 8000 litter /secend motor khichti hai 24 hours sirf 11 mint main level brabar ho jata hai subhanallah
  4. prettygirl

    Dekha Joo Chera Tera

    Dekha jo chehra tera......
  5. prettygirl

    Say Something About The Person Above U

    nice and good person
  6. prettygirl

    Guess.....below U

    lolzzz me here next shahabi
  7. prettygirl

    *** Time When U Slept Last Night ***

    2; AM
  8. prettygirl

    Missing Someone At Da Moment.?,

    some 1 sapcel
  9. prettygirl

    Your Current Mood?

  10. prettygirl

    Attendence Time

    yes mam
  11. thanks shahabi

  12. oye kun ho tum or maraye friend kahan say ban gay ho tum. main tu tumay jante b nahi ho.

  13. prettygirl


  14. prettygirl

    Sweet Dishes

    cool maano nice one i will try this soon
  15. hey man how r u tell something about yourself.

  16. prettygirl

    Your Current Mood?

  17. prettygirl

    Attendence Time

    yes sir
  18. prettygirl

    > try this

    pappu boy
  19. hey every body whats up

    1. shahabi


      welcome pretty.

  20. prettygirl

    Attendence Time

    me not ghayab yes mam
  21. prettygirl

    Your Current Mood?

    vvvv .nice
  22. prettygirl

    Gud Morning & Gud Night

    i am starting a new conner yahan per ap log kise b user ko good morning or good night kah saktay hain main ap sab ko kahte ho
  23. prettygirl

    Please Visit And Duaa E Sehtyaabi

    tnx for informing

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