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  1. ZartashiaAli

    ~*rooz Ubharty Hain,rooz Duubty Hain*~

    You are always called me anabia today u call me with my name ZartashiaAli its amazing dear
  2. ZartashiaAli

    ~*rooz Ubharty Hain,rooz Duubty Hain*~

    Acha Anus
  3. ZartashiaAli

    ~*rooz Ubharty Hain,rooz Duubty Hain*~

    very nice post Anus
  4. Mother and son among Karachi blast victims KARACHI: A mother and her son were among the eight victims of the suicide attack in the DHA Phase 8 area of the city, Geo News reported. Eight year old Moeed who was referred to as Sonu had a very special bond with his mother. A bond which had been further strengthened after his parents parted ways. Mumtaz was also very close to her son and this was the reason why Moeed was studying at the same school where his mother was teaching. Mooed’s family members say that he would not go anywhere without his mother but they were not expecting what transpired on Monday in Karachi. Mooed along with his mother were killed while they were on their way to school when a suicide attacker targeted the residence of SSP CID Aslam Chaudhry. Family members were grief stricken when instead of the mother and son returning home after a busy day at school, their bodies were brought back. It’s a common saying that when a woman becomes a mother everything else in her life becomes secondary. This was the case for Mumtaz who even in death was by her son’s side.
  5. ZartashiaAli

    Write A Shair Daily

    Bin Mangay Hi Mil Jati Hai Tabeerain Kisi Ko...... Koe Khali Haath Rah Jata Hai Hazaroon duaoon ke Bad Bhe
  6. ZartashiaAli

    Missing Someone At Da Moment.?,

    Missing My Life
  7. ZartashiaAli


    Thanks Subha
  8. ZartashiaAli


    *****LOVE**** Someone asked Shakespear, "You married a girl elder than You, why?..... He showed him a calendar and said, "A Week Has 7 Days, Can You Say Which Day Is Younger, Either Sunday Or Saturday? So Love Comes From Heart Not In Age.... Love Has No Age...!!" ************
  9. ZartashiaAli

    New Wedding Style

    new weddings style. NIKAH. molvi do you agree to change your facebook status from single to married? . . . . boy: yes,yes,yes. gir: yes,yes,yes. . . . . molvi:mubarak ho.. you are now husband and wife. you may now upload your wedding pictures and dont't forget to tag me.
  10. ZartashiaAli

    Aap K Name Ka Mtlb Kya Hy?

    Precious Thing
  11. ZartashiaAli

    Barishoon Mai Bheeg Kar!

    Barishon Mein Bheeg Kar, Wo Aksar Kaha krti Thi. . . . Mujhe 2 chezaen Bhot pyari lagti han ik Barish Aur Ik Tum, Barish mujhe isliye Pyari lgti hai, Q K barish Tmhari Yaden Le Kr Ati hai, Tum mujhe isliye pyare lgte ho, Q K tmhari Yaden, Barish Ko or B Pyara bna deti Han, Aj Barish Main Akele Bheeg Kr, JANE Q. . !!!!! Mera Dil Mjse Bar Bar Keh RAha Tha, K Me Barish Ki hr ik Bound SePuchun, Kya Usy Barish Aj Bhi Pyari Lagti HAin . . .
  12. ZartashiaAli

    Kanch Ke Surkh Choori

    [/cent Kaanch ki surkh choori Meray hath main Aaj esay khanaknay lagi ... Jesay kal raat shabnam main likhi hui Teray hath ki shokhiyon ko Hawaon ne sar de dia ho... (parveen shakir)..
  13. ZartashiaAli

    Yeh Barishian

    Yeh Barishe bhe tum se hai!!!! Jo baras gai to bhar hai Jo thehar gae to qarar hai Kabhe aa gai Yunhe Besabab Kabhe chaa gae yunhe roz_-o-shab Kabhi shor hai Yeh barishian bhe tum se hai!!!! Kise yaad mai kise raat ko Kabhe yun howa ke bujha dea kabhe khud say khud ko Jala dea Kahen bond bondmai gum se hai Yeh barisian bhe tum se ha i!!!
  14. ZartashiaAli


    Barish ki taiz bondon ny jab dastak di darwazy pr, Mehsos hua tum aay ho andaz tumhary jesa tha. Hawa k halky jhonky ki jab aahat hui khirki pr, Mehsos hua tum aay ho andaz tumhary jesa tha. Main tanha chala jab barish mei, Ek jhonky ny mera sath dia, Main samjha tum ho sath mere Ehsas tumhary jesa tha. Phir ruk gyi wo barish bi, Rahi na baqi aahat b, Main samjha mujhy tum chhor gye andaz tumhary jesa tha..
  15. ZartashiaAli


    میں سمندروں کا مزاج ہوں ابھی اس ندی کو پتا نہیں سبھی ندیاں مجھ سے ملیں مگر ، میں کسی سے جا کے مِلا نہیں میرے دل کی سمت نہ دیکھو تم، کسی اور کا یہ مقام ہے یہاں اس کی یادیں مقیم ہیں، یہ کسی کو میں نے دیا نہیں

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