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  1. Happy Birthday 2 u:-)

  2. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx alottttttttttttttttt ramzzzzzzzzzzz :):):)
  3. Happy Birthday :-)

  4. cuteanGel

    Happy Birthday Ramz

    ops iam late .... Happy belated birthdaY ramz *Punch*..:p
  5. cuteanGel

    Cy Jail

    who is in da jail?:D iam busy wid my papers so thts y not coming tc all
  6. cuteanGel

    Cy Jail

    no body is in da jail:P??
  7. cuteanGel

    Cy Jail

    assalamo alikum who is in da jail now :D
  8. cuteanGel

    Congrats Waqas On Ur Wedding

    Congratzzzzzzzzzzzz :)
  9. cuteanGel

    Cy Jail

    lolzzzzzz hmm abhi tek jail sey nai niklii:P
  10. cuteanGel

    Cy Jail

    who is in da jai??:D
  11. cuteanGel

    ~* Bracelets ~*

    koool muj ko gift kab karahi hoon ap chinkyyyyyy :P
  12. cuteanGel

    Cy Jail

    zaini jail sey reha hogyeee or she is still in the jail?? who is in now :D
  13. cuteanGel

    Cy Jail

    munib n zaini ,zaini tum ney munib ko rula diya :p
  14. cuteanGel

    Cy Jail

    wow wht a pic of zaini awesomeeeeeeee :p i luv teeth of urs hahah

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