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    > Self Development.
    > Technology and its Implementation.
    > Music.
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About Me

I am Broad Minded, Witty Humor, Good Listener and a great Friend to be.

I like Classical, and Folk but at times I do listen Bhangra, Pop and Rock too.

I like non-fiction movies, documentaries which are related to true events. some of my all time favorite movies are:

"Lust for Life" - A brilliant movie on a life of an artist Von Gogh

"Frida" - A biography of artist Frida Kahlo

"The Agony and the Ecstasy" - The biographical story of Michelangelo's troubles while painting the Sistine Chapel

"Girl with a Pearl Earring" ,


"John Vick"

My all time favorite TV shows are Boston Legal, Prison Break, Coupling, Chuk, Family Guy, Season 24, South Park, The 100, White Collar, Narcos, Game of Thrones, Wild Wild Country edit

Books that I have read so far:

Arundhati Roy - "God of Small Things" Naomi Klein - "The Shock Doctrine" Carl Jung - "The Red Book"

I like to play Basketball, Table Tennis, Volleyball

If you want to learn more about me, do ping me !! 🙂


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