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  1. Laga jo zakhm to pehrun khyal ata rha .. Kahan gaye mera sadqa utarny waly .. :p

  2. Tear off the mask, your face is glorious.

  3. No matter how good you are ... you can always be replaced ..

  4. Its both blessing and curse to feel things deeply ..

  5. Tu dhoond falak par bagh-e-iram, apna to aqeeda hy Iqbal .. Jis khak pe mukhlis dost milain, wo khaak b jannat hoti hy ..

  6. Kuch hadsun se gir gaye Mohsin zameen per ... Hum rashk e aasman thy abhi kal ki bat hy !!

  7. Its not the lie that bothers me .. Its the insult to my trust that I find offensive

  8. Mujh ko purany wala CY chahye =(( old members wapis aa jao sb :(

  9. Not everyone is your friend.... Most things are better left unsaid.... If people don't need to know.... don't let your business become their business....!!

  10. If You Are Brave Enough To Say Goodbye, Life Will Reward You With A New Hello... ~Paulo Coehlo~

  11. There is always, always, always something to be thankful for ... ALHAMDOLILAH

  12. They will coma in ur lyf..they will make u happy..they will make wanted..but actyally they just fix u.. when u feel that they r here forever..they will throw u.. nd make u feel worthless..this is the sad thing about people...

  13. mae apny aap mae chup chaap loat aati hun... kisi b simt sy jab hosla nahi milta

  14. Rainbow aaapi¡Ii :p Sobe bro :| canc3rian bro >:p aap mae se koi zinda hy kya ..?? :o

  15. Rainbow aaapi¡Ii :p Sobe bro :| canc3rian bro >:p aap mae se koi zinda hy kya ..?? :o

  16. sick of fake behaviors :/

  17. I’m the type of person that never starts a conversation and then wonders why I have no friends. :/

  18. koi zinda hy ya sb guzer gaye?? :/

    1. salmanz


      mjhe lgta hai sb guzar gye ko new activity hi ni nzr a ri mjhe cool yar pe

    2. sho_shweet
  19. I would like to publicly apologize to anyone I have NOT offended .. I'll get to you shortly ...

  20. hum un ki aas mae umren guzaar dety haen ...... wo moajzay jo kabhi ro numa nahi hoty​

  21. Best Friends: They know how stupid you are and still choose to be seen with you in public. :p

  22. Zamin Per 7 Samandar Saron Py 7 Aakash ......... Main Kuch Nhi Hon Mager ehtimaam Kya Kya hai

  23. soorat ki deewani duniya... mann k ander jhankay koun.. ??


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