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  1. yahi hoon dhiyaan se denkho tumahare aas pass hoon

  2. galti se kuch aur post kardiya sry every one
  3. Your Current Mood?

    crying mood :crying: :crying:
  4. Attendence Time

  5. Attendence Time

    me ppppppppppp
  6. United Arab Emirate Pic

    here is museum in dubai nd sharjah
  7. United Arab Emirate Pic

    Here is cricket stadium in dubai and sharjah
  8. Emaad Poetry Collection

    wah v nice emaad jee
  9. Missing Someone At Da Moment.?,

    missing u waqas
  10. Write A Shair Daily

    Yaa rab us k jewan maen khuseon ka basera kar day maery dil ki dua sun lay maery Mola sari dunea say chupa k usay maera kar
  11. Your Current Mood?

    lazy nd sleepy mood
  12. United Arab Emirate Pic

    here is sharjah airport