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  1. Nathan

    U Gungunaing Wat

    Charmer>>> wo ooooooooo ...Kaunsi movie ka song hai :D Bare dinoun kay baad hum bewatanoun ko yaad watan ki mitti aayee hai
  2. Nathan

    Aap Jesa Koii Merii Zindagii Mein Aee

    Majid Bhai>> Kahin seekh hi na lain Nadan>> App jaisa koi meri zindagi main ayay tou life Kool Cool ho jai :D
  3. Nathan

    Tell The Person Above U...ager Tum Mil Jaoo!, Kia

    sure..... laikin bill aap ko pay karna ho ga wo kiya hai kay im running out of money nowadays :D :D Agar aap mil jain.. tou Sonic chalain gain :D :angel:
  4. Nathan


    hey Maha Nice
  5. Nathan

    Hadith Of Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) On Social Events

    GOLD ORNAMENTS (son eke zewar): Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) said that: “Any women who wears a gold necklace will have similar one of fire on her neck on the day of judgment , and any woman who put ear-rings in her ear will have a similar one of fire put in her ear by Allah on the day of judgment.†“You women have in silver something with which you adorn yourself. I assure you that any women of you who adorn herself with gold which she displays will be punished for it.†“If anyone wants to put a ring of fire on one he loves let him put a gold ring on him; if any ones wants to put a necklace of fire on one he loves let him put a gold necklace on him; and if anyone wants to put a bracelet of fire on one he loves then let him put a gold bracelet on him, Keep to silver and amuse yourself with it.†Is it reaally???????????????:confused: main nay bhi yeah hi suna hai kay Gold Male per Haram hai.
  6. Nathan


    me either read it that its allowed to use 786 instead of Bismillah.
  7. Nathan


    IS bar wo tulkhi hai kay roothay bhi nahin hum ab kay wo larai hai kay jhugra na karain gain :(
  8. Nathan

    Mazak Hi Mazak Main.......

    lolllllllllllz maha :P Majid Bhai U r a guy MAzak hi mazak main (dont mind huh :P ) So problems ko face karain mazak hi mazzak main Dozukh main janay ka program chore dijiyay ab mazak hi mazak main :P Aur Jealousy Gunnah hai MAzak hi mazak main :P
  9. Nathan

    Mr. Cool Yar

    oh ho Good Job Majid bhai :D
  10. Nathan

    Abbreviation Game

    Master of Arts :D MBBS :P
  11. Nathan

    ~~*words Make Sentences*~~

    Music is life( really.....????? ) Rose
  12. Nathan

    Game Of Emoticons

  13. Nathan

    Take & Give

    Thx Nadan Sis..... Lollllz but i would love to have some dolls laikin kiya karain last month pooray 17 ki ho chukin hoon main :( Element for anyone who would not mind owning such a rediculous car :P :D
  14. Nathan


  15. Nathan



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