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  1. Aleema_Akhtar

    "where It Is Not Found?"

    خوبصورت پوسٹ
  2. Aleema_Akhtar

    ~*~ Hero Of The Week*~*

    بہترین موضوع
  3. Aleema_Akhtar

    *~*mr Jinah Vs Gandhi*~*

    بہت اچھی پوسٹ
  4. Aleema_Akhtar

    Pakistan Census 2011 Stamp

    اچھی پوسٹ
  5. Aleema_Akhtar

    ✯ Happy Birthday Zartashia ✯

    سالگرہ مبارک ہو
  6. Aleema_Akhtar

    Do U Have A Collection Of Anything?

    i ve a collections of rings
  7. Aleema_Akhtar

    Masail Aur Unka Answer

    bohat khoob
  8. Aleema_Akhtar

    5 Pillars Of Islam

  9. Aleema_Akhtar


    very funny na
  10. Aleema_Akhtar

    Missing Someone At Da Moment.?,

    i miss y mom
  11. Aleema_Akhtar

    "sheeshay Ke Samne"

    kuch b nai kaha
  12. Aleema_Akhtar

    Question For Every One?

    anso Denay wali achaa nai hotaaa
  13. Aleema_Akhtar

    Voting For Poetry Competition January 2011

    Wow Wow zabardast

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