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  1. ~*~ur Opinion Abt Cy~*~

    Chat room.pher se khula jaye aur pher se pink.color mai forum.ho jaye r sare old members ajaye
  2. *** What Did You Last Watch ***

    Sherlock holmes
  3. White Palace :)

  4. Agar Mazhab Mein 1 Qatal Ki Ijazat Ho Toh?

    sharooo ku goli maaro meri maano tu
  5. Aap Is Waqt Kya Sooch Rahy Hain?

    soching k sharp kaha hai?
  6. Your Current Mood?

    sleepyyyyy and bored
  7. Aap Is Waqt Kya Sooch Rahy Hain?

    k cy k saare members lout ayeeeee
  8. Aap Is Waqt Kya Sooch Rahy Hain?

    acha bibi aisa kya smajh agya maths ka koi sum?
  9. Missing Someone At Da Moment.?,

    missing emaad waqas rainbow sharp sho maano daneee shy
  10. Moment Of The Day?

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm kuch khass huwa he nahu