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  1. ayeshakhan

    Militants torch two Nato containers

    Thanks for nice information sharee. Nato ko bi chayeee kay koye our raista tallash keren kuin pakistan kay pachay phir gaye han.
  2. ayeshakhan

    CIA touts healthy Pak ties as spy freed

    Thanks for nice information sharee.
  3. ayeshakhan

    Bail plea of Monis Elahi rejected

    Thanks for nice information sharee. chor ka bacha chor hota han. Is ko zaza honee chayee.
  4. ayeshakhan

    Moonis present himself for arrestl

    Thanks for nice information share. Govt nay phir buhat galat kam kia han kay zafar qureshi ko retirement ka notification jayree ker diya , is say sabat hota han kay ch our govt milll ker ker aysa hoya. ya buhat dukh ki baat han .
  5. ayeshakhan

    Imraan Farooq Murder Case

    Thanks for nice information share. mayre advise han kay altaf hussain say investigation kerni chayeee.
  6. Hi all, I have a 2008 model car, I have been parking it in sunlight in office timings. Due to heat and direct sunlight the paint and interior of the car has almost changed its color. I am very worried and it looks as if I am using 8 to 10 year old car. Some colleagues suggested me to compound the car paint but I have heard that it dissolves the car paint. I am looking for some reliable solution to this problem. Any sincere suggestions would be highly appreciated.
  7. Hi all, I am looking for discounts on LG KU990 Viewty. I have heard that this set has amazing features. What is your experience about this set shall I buy it or I shouldn’t?
  8. Hi all, I am looking for discounted eid packages in parlors of Rawalpindi Islamabad for mehndi and face polishing. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. ayeshakhan

    Moonis present himself for arrest

    Nice sharing. Lahore High Court nay kaha kay is chorr ko FIA ki hawalay kia jayee our investigation ki jayee.
  10. ayeshakhan

    Pakistan court releases Raymond Davis

    Nice sharing. Court ka jo bi faisla tha theek tha. court may jo document jamma keria gayia tha woh theek nahi tha. us per unn kay signature apnay nahi thay us per kayaee gaye han.
  11. ayeshakhan

    FIA takes Elahi into custody

    Nice sharing. Lahore High Court nay buhat acha faislah diya han may buhat khush hooon.
  12. ayeshakhan

    Nisar terms Davis’ release ‘a tragedy’

    nice sharing. may app say itafaq kerta hoon ch sb kay jo hoya han woh nahi hona chayeee.
  13. ayeshakhan

    General Kayani strongly condemns predator strike

    Thanks for nice sharing. Chief of army staff General Ashfaq Kayani nay strongly condemns kia han kay waziriatan may us drone may 44 people maray gaye han.laken General sb app bi kia ker sucktay han app is mulk ki ARMY kay chief han, tu phir usa ko drone attack nahi kerna chayee. mayree baat han tu suchi our boree bi lagay gi. phir kia fayida app ka kay pakistan army kay chief han.mujay buhat dukh hota han jab un loggo ko dakhta hooon kay ya kia ker rahay han.
  14. ayeshakhan

    Moonis presents himself for arrest

    Nice sharing. app nay buhat achi posting ki han . ya loggo ko pata chalay kay ya kia kertay rahay han. unno nay bi buhat corruption ki han jis ka andaza nahio lagga sucktay .
  15. ayeshakhan

    US drone strike toll climbs to 44

    Nice sharing. The death toll in US drone missile strike has reached 44 as three of the injured. muhay buhat ufsoos han kay mayree hi mulk may apnay hi muslim loggo ko marwayia ja raha han. our humaree govt bi is may USA kay sahat milli hoyee han, werna kasi himat kay pakistan per humla kerren.

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