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    Long list .... wont fit here :p
  1. Milli

    Fun Question :p

  2. Milli

    New Year's Resolutions

    not sure yet
  3. Milli


    bit cold
  4. Milli

    What Made You Smile Today?

    not sure
  5. Milli

    Moment Of The Day?

  6. Milli

    High Rise Building

    nice to look at but wont go and stay in them
  7. Milli

    Write A Shair Daily

    Tum mujhy kabhi dil kabhi aankhon se pukaro "Wasi" Yeh honton ka takal'luf to zamany kay liye hai ...
  8. Milli

    Write A Shair Daily

    Mein na kehta tha wakt Zalim ha..... Dekh lo Khwab ho gayey tum Bhe....
  9. Milli

    Write A Shair Daily

    Phir Kisi Pyaas Ke Sehra Mein Mujhey Neend Aaye,. Aur Main Khwaab Mein Maangu Tujhe Paani Ki Tarah,.
  10. Milli

    Snow! :d

    I really like 6th and last picture 6th wali aisay hai jaisay dhair saray stars hon uus tree par its cute
  11. Milli

    My Love!

    maano aap aik mujhay first wala lai daina bht pyara hai
  12. December aaj bhi apny asasay sath laya hai,....W0hi tewar, w0hi afsurdgi 0r sard sa lehja....

    1. amaan


      welcome in cy......enjoy & b cool

    2. Milli
    3. sabah
  13. Milli

    Coolyar Police Station

    Aseembly ka ijlas ho raha hai

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